Everyone expected and hoped 2022 would be a calm, normal year after the coronavirus-driven rollercoaster of 2020 and 2021. A few unexpected events did happen whose impacts are still being felt, but the world trudges on. At GeoPoll, millions of completed surveys later, we can proudly look back into the year and the solutions we offered to provide data that powered the crucial decisions of several brands, international development organizations and media houses.

This article outlines some of our highlights for 2022.

Innovative Product Releases

One of the Core Values of GeoPoll is continuous improvement. While GeoPoll colleagues endeavor to grow as individuals and teams continually, the company also takes deliberate steps on a day-to-day basis to improve our mandate to provide reliable data to move essential decisions for your clients, partners and the world. In 2022, we launched great products and massively improved others, including:

The GeoPoll Attention Landscape

Media consumption has changed. Digital channels are both challenging and becoming entangled with traditional TV, radio, and print media. To reliably measure this intersection, there needed a change in media and audience measurement models. This need birthed the GeoPoll Attention Landscape! Bringing a new perspective to media insights, the GeoPoll Attention Landscape model maps out the touchpoints across both traditional and new media and goes beyond audience numbers to explore how and why they capture our attention. Get more details from our Namibia and Lesotho case study here.

A new and improved GeoPoll Audience Measurement (GAM 3.0)

Over the years, GeoPoll has established itself as the premier provider of media audience measurement through the GeoPoll Audience Measurement(GAM) subscription service. To further accentuate this and to provide advertisers, media houses, agencies, and other users with better media insights for conclusive decision-making in line with the changing media landscape, GeoPoll launched the new and improved GAM 3.0. with improved methodologies for both television and radio ratings and new measurement for new (digital) media and print. See what changed here.

A new GeoPoll Interviewer Platform

In 2022, everyone on GeoPoll collaborated to produce one of the best interviewer platforms in the world, a culmination of many years of experience conducting CATI and CAPI surveys in emerging markets. Our new and improved Interviewer platform for telephonic interviews (CATI)  and face-to-face interviews (CAPI) was a complete revamp of the mobile application at the center of the ecosystem. It also introduced a one-of-its-kind quality control mechanism, and a new portal for partners to quickly and accurately monitor the progress of projects. Read about it here.

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Apart from the hundreds of client research projects we run every year, including 2022, GeoPoll also seeks to bring data sense into the issues that touch the world in various degrees through our own studies. To not miss any of our reports, bookmark the GeoPoll blog, and subscribe to our monthly newsletter, which gives you a front-seat view of the reports, opinion pieces and research tips from our experience. 2022 produced a record number of such studies and here are a few highlights.

Daily data from Ukraine following Russia’s Invasion

The event that most defined 2022 was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the last week of February. Just a week later, GeoPoll went to the field to collect data the assess the situation on the ground in Ukraine and assist in the targeting of humanitarian relief. We published the first report on March 11, 2022, and have been running daily surveys in the country ever since. Our latest update (November) summarizes some of the highlights of the trends we are observing, which include a myriad of highs and lows and what we think about it all. See the aggregated results and daily trends here.GeoPoll reports on Ukraine trends

The Kenya Media Establishment Survey

Since our last media establishment survey for Kenya in 2015, the media landscape has changed drastically. While the conversation then was about TV migration from analog to digital, the talk now is about another kind of digital – the internet and the smartphone – and the massive transformation it has caused the media industry. GeoPoll’s Kenya Media Establishment Survey 2022 is the country’s most comprehensive media study, covering all media touchpoints, establishing audiences for each media and diving into details such as the intensity of engagement, the channels used, and how each channel is consumed, among others. You can learn more about it here and request a copy of whatever data points you need.

The Cost of Living Crisis Study

The aforementioned  Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic and climate change implications, among others, combined to create what the UN called the largest cost-of-living crisis of the 21st century. To assess the situation and understand how people around the world were experiencing and coping with the cost-of-living crisis, GeoPoll conducted a survey in August 2022 in 9 countries from across Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We published the Global Cost of Living Crisis Report here, and GeoPoll experts from around the world got together to discuss their experiences and possible solutions on this podcast.

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The World Cup Report

A welcome reprieve from the tough happenings of the year was the most significant global sporting showpiece – the FIFA World Cup. Held in Qatar during Winter for the first time in history, the World Cup was unique in several ways – including hugely surprising results. GeoPoll conducted this study in five countries in Africa to assess interest in football and the World Cup, viewership habits and plans, gambling, and the level of support both for global countries and African countries. We published the report here.

Climate Change in the Caribbean

Climate change research caribbean 2022

Climate change is a real threat to humankind. Rising seas, hotter temperatures, and more frequent and extreme weather events pose a particular threat to coastal areas and island nations. As coastal flooding and erosion increase, Small Island Developing States (SIDS), like those in the Caribbean, project to be some of the most highly impacted and fastest displaced populations across the globe. GeoPoll conducted this survey across 13 countries in the Caribbean to assess the level of concern among residents on climate change, the perceptions of the crisis and suggested solutions.

Exploring Parents’ Perceptions of the Malaria Vaccine

A ground-breaking malaria vaccine was approved by the WHO, potentially changing the face of children’s health throughout Africa. To explore parents’ thoughts and reactions to this potentially revolutionary vaccine, GeoPoll conducted a survey in several high-burden malaria countries to help determine awareness of the new vaccine, general parent perceptions of routine childhood vaccines, intent to vaccinate for malaria and reasons for hesitancy and if COVID-19 vaccines had any impact on parent perceptions regarding the malaria vaccine. Read the report here.

Perceptions on GMO foods in Kenya

In 2022, the new Government of Kenya lifted a decade-long ban on the cultivation and importation of genetically modified food products (GMOs), a move that split opinions, with politicians and pressure groups clashing with biotech scientists over the safety of consuming GMO foods. GeoPoll conducted a Rapid Survey at the beginning of November to assess citizen awareness of GMOs, their perceptions on the government approval, information gaps, and concerns that need to be addressed, along with changes compared to a similar survey GeoPoll had conducted with the Gates Foundation in 2014. Here’s the report.

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The Africa MSME Survey

Africa MSME report 2022

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a significant role in most economies, particularly in countries classified as ‘emerging’ and ‘developing.’ GeoPoll collaborated with Africa 118 on a joint survey to assess the health and outlook of MSMEs in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. You can read the report here – and look forward to the annual report in the first quarter of 2023!

Brand Africa

Another annual research project we conduct is the Brand Africa 100, which has consistently been the most comprehensive brand rank list in the continent for the last decade. 2022’s edition was the twelfth and covered 29 countries spread across all the regions of Africa. Read the report here.

Conferences came back

We had missed conferences during the height of the pandemic. In 2022, people could move around and meet face-to-face again, which meant more opportunities for GeoPoll team members to share their knowledge and learn from peers.  From MSRA events and the East Africa Humanitarian Summit in Nairobi, Devex World, Global Development Forum, and Society For International Development (SID-US) in Washington DC to International Social and Behavior Change Communication Summit in Marrakech, the Big 5 Summit and PAMRO in Cape Town, GeoPoll participated in in-person events in over 20 cities in 2022!

At the World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR) 2022 conference in Dubai, GeoPoll became a founder member of the WAPOR SSA Chapter. See you at conferences in 2023!

Have a great 2023, will you?