International Development & Relief

GeoPoll’s research capabilities are adaptable to a wide range of needs, and we regularly work with clients to conduct research on everything from food security to resilience

Data for Better Decision Making

GeoPoll regularly conducts international development research for United Nations agencies, NGOs, governments, humanitarian groups and other stakeholders in the development and relief sectors. Our dedicated International Development Team includes experts in project implementation, adaptive management, and more. Sectors we work in include:

Humanitarian Aid

Quickly reach populations affected by natural disaster, conflict, and disease

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Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

Gather ongoing data for more effective monitoring, evaluation and learning

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Food & Agriculture

Monitor and predict changes to food security and agricultural production

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Social and Behavior Change

Track evidence and impact of Social and Behavior Change projects

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Health & Nutrition

Monitor and improve health systems with on-the-ground data

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Democracy & Governance

Safely gather citizen feedback from remote areas and conflict zones

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Develop more effective resilience programming with data

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Combatting Violent Extremism

Reach local communities to combat extremism

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Financial Inclusion

Assess financial inclusion and reach unbanked populations

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Impact Evaluation

Harness the power of data to transform how you measure and understand your impact.


Energy, Climate & Environment

Gather direct feedback on energy and climate concerns

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Education & Employment

Reach teachers, parents, and youth to improve education and employment

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Past International Development and Relief Work

Case Studies

Case Study

UNICEF Thailand Case Study

UNICEF enlists GeoPoll to conduct a multi-round CATI survey to assess the social and economic welfare of households across Thailand post-pandemic.

Case Study

Humanitarian Outcomes Case Study

Humanitarian Outcomes uses GeoPoll CATI surveys to obtain the perspectives of people in flood-affected areas in Pakistan

Case Study

International Finance Corporation (IFC) Case Study

IFC uses GeoPoll CATI surveys to evaluate the impact of Nitlapan’s programs on the lives of farmers

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