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Monitoring and Evaluation Surveys

Real-Time Data for More Effective Monitoring & Evaluation

Accurate and timely data collection is imperative for donors, NGOs, and governments to assess their effectiveness and communicate their successes. Whether monitoring key indicators of an ongoing project or evaluating the impact of an intervention, GeoPoll provides fast, cost-effective data within days.

GeoPoll’s remote mobile survey methodology allows organizations to collect on-the-ground data from target populations without the need for on-site survey enumerators. GeoPoll’s robust surveying platform and large respondent database provide actionable data that measures project process, demonstrates community attitudes and perceptions over time, and allows organizations to more effectively track the outcomes of project interventions.

monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation Use Cases


    Collect baseline, midline, and endline data, allowing for better understanding of starting points and progress made


    Daily, weekly, or monthly surveys show indicator performance over time and allow implementers to regularly monitor project performance


    Use trending data to monitor changes in local perceptions and attitudes due to project activities or outside factors


    GeoPoll data provides concrete data around the effect of interventions during or after the project lifetime

GeoPoll Capabilities

Multi-modal solution

GeoPoll can administer surveys by multiple text, voice, and in-person modes including text message (SMS), mobile web, Computer-Assisted-Telephone Interviewing, Interactive Voice Response, and Computer-Assisted-Personal-Interviewing.

Fast data collection

GeoPoll’s mobile methodology can reach large sample sizes quickly and collects survey responses in real-time. Full reports are available within days of survey administration, or data can be uploaded to an online dashboard immediately.

Free and incentivized surveys

GeoPoll surveys are free for the respondent, and incentives can be deposited into the respondent’s airtime or mobile money account, reducing economic barriers for participation. 

Respondent targeting

GeoPoll’s database of respondents can be targeted by demographics, location, and multiple custom screening questions, allowing you to reach extremely specific populations.

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