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Survey Guides

Market Research | 3 min. read

What to look for in a market research agency

Market research is essential for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions. It can provide insights into […]

Research 101 | 5 min. read

Qualitative Research 101

Qualitative research aims to understand and interpret social phenomena, such as human behavior, experiences, beliefs, attitudes, and motivations, and is focused on […]

Market Research | 3 min. read

Market Research for Small Businesses

Market research is an essential tool for businesses of any size or industry to understand their target audience, identify customer needs and […]

Methodology Comparisons

Research Modes | 3 min. read

Computer-Assisted Personal interviewing (CAPI) – Process, Benefits & Limitations

CAPI, or Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing, is a method of conducting surveys in which an interviewer uses a computer or tablet to administer […]

Research 101 | 4 min. read

How to Conduct IVR Surveys: A Step-by-Step Guide

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, is a technology that lets you automate the call process via an interactive voice response system of […]

Research 101 | 2 min. read

Focus Groups: How they Work, and Major Considerations

A focus group is a type of qualitative market research that is conducted with a small group of people with the aim […]

Original Research Reports

GeoPoll Survey Reports | 4 min. read

Nigeria Elections 2023: GeoPoll Public Perception Survey

On Saturday 25 February 2023, voters in Nigeria will head to the polls to elect their next president. Amid growing discontent due […]

GeoPoll Survey Reports | 1 min. read

Africa MSME Pulse Survey Report 2023

Small businesses play a crucial role in global and local economic development. They create jobs, stimulate innovation, and provide essential goods and […]

GeoPoll Survey Reports | 2 min. read

Democratic Republic of the Congo – The GeoPoll Socio-Political Barometer Survey – Q4 2022 Report

Passer au Français >> The GeoPoll Socio-Political Barometer is an initiative to collect rapid, accurate, and robust data on key social and […]

Consumer Research Case Studies

Coronavirus Research | 4 min. read

Report: The Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Africa

The Economic Impact of COVID-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa This article draws from GeoPoll’s May 2021 report on the ongoing economic, social, and […]

Case Study

Impact(ED) Case Study

Impact(ED) International uses GeoPoll SMS surveys to conduct an audience measurement study for the “My Better World” TV series in Nigeria.

Case Study

Diageo Nigeria Case Study

Diageo turned to GeoPoll to conduct rapid, remote mobile surveys with current and potential customers in Nigeria for agile decision-making.

Consumer Research Blogs

GeoPoll Announcements | 5 min. read

2022 Year in Review: Industry Leading Innovation and Landmark Reports

Everyone expected and hoped 2022 would be a calm, normal year after the coronavirus-driven rollercoaster of 2020 and 2021. A few unexpected […]

Community Blog & Stories | 2 min. read

World Cup 2022: GeoPoll Audience Measurement

What will surely be remembered as one of the greatest finals in World Cup history ended in triumph for Lionel Messi and […]

GeoPoll Announcements | 2 min. read

Introducing GeoPoll Audience Measurement 3.0

GeoPoll is excited to announce major updates to the GeoPoll Audience Measurement. Dubbed GAM 3.0. the improved methodology has been tailored to […]

International Development Case Studies

Case Study

UNICEF Thailand Case Study

UNICEF enlists GeoPoll to conduct a multi-round CATI survey to assess the social and economic welfare of households across Thailand post-pandemic.

Case Study

Humanitarian Outcomes Case Study

Humanitarian Outcomes uses GeoPoll CATI surveys to obtain the perspectives of people in flood-affected areas in Pakistan

Case Study

International Finance Corporation (IFC) Case Study

IFC uses GeoPoll CATI surveys to evaluate the impact of Nitlapan’s programs on the lives of farmers


GeoPoll Survey Reports | 4 min. read

Nigeria Elections 2023: GeoPoll Public Perception Survey

On Saturday 25 February 2023, voters in Nigeria will head to the polls to elect their next president. Amid growing discontent due […]

International Development Research | 3 min. read

How to Combat Violent Extremism using Mobile

Violent extremism is the beliefs and actions of people who support or use violence to achieve ideological, religious, or political goals. Examples of […]

GeoPoll Survey Reports | 7 min. read

GeoPoll Update on Russia’s War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine continues. Almost nine months of fighting have resulted in untold death and destruction. After suffering several setbacks on […]