Mobile Penetration and Growth in Kenya

Kenya is one of the most technology-advanced countries in Africa, which has had many christen it the Silicon Savannah. In recent years, most of Kenya’s technological innovation has been [...]

WASH Innovations in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted the world as we knew it only five years into the UN’s fifteen-year-long Sustainable Development Goals campaign, which aims to accomplish a set of seventeen [...]

Mobile Penetration in South Asia and Southeast Asia

There are an estimated 5.24 billion people that have some sort of mobile device, or 67.4% of the global population. In this article, we examine mobile penetration data in Asia, specifically South [...]

Global Mobile Penetration Growth

At the end of 2018, 5.1 billion people across the world owned a mobile device subscription, and it is estimated that by 2025 this number will grow to 5.8 billion. A 4% growth rate may not seem [...]

Mobile Phone Apps for Farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Agricultural mobile phone applications have the potential to ignite a revolution in farming that will lower prices for consumers, as well as educate, motivate, and support farmers to increase [...]

Smartphone and Mobile Internet Penetration In Africa And Globally

Mobile Internet is becoming one of the most widely-used methods of connectivity worldwide and the vehicle for such connectivity is smartphones for many. This is due to advances in technology that [...]

Solar Energy in Sub-Saharan Africa

Both off-grid and grid providers of solar energy are gaining widespread leverage in sub-Saharan Africa. Forecasting what solar energy will look like in the near future relies heavily on [...]

Basic Phones, Feature Phones, and Smartphones for Research in Emerging Markets

GeoPoll specializes in conducting research in emerging markets, where information is hard to obtain through traditional market research methods. Emerging markets pose a unique set of challenges [...]

GeoPoll Launches SMS API for Africa, Asia and the Middle East

GeoPoll is pleased to announce the launch of our SMS API, which will allow companies to leverage GeoPoll’s wide SMS connectivity throughout emerging markets. Over the past 7 years, GeoPoll has [...]

Mobile Phone Penetration Throughout Sub-Saharan Africa

Slowly but surely, mobile phone penetration in Africa is improving. In this article, we discuss the current state of mobile phone usage, the implications of this technology, and what future [...]

Mobile Money vs. Bank-Owned Mobile Financial Services in Sub-Saharan Africa

The way global currency is exchanged certainly has evolved in recent decades. We now have the power to make payments via a variety of cutting edge digital avenues. Some parts of the globe have [...]

Off-Grid Solar Energy In Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa’s power network is not wide-reaching or accessible to the masses, especially those living outside of urban areas. However, most African people are already using devices—like [...]

GeoPoll wins Best Overall Paper at AMRA Africa Forum 2019

We are proud to announce that GeoPoll won the coveted “Best Overall Paper” award at the African Market Research Forum in Lagos, Nigeria last week. The AMRA Africa Forum is a high-profile event [...]

Remote Data Collection and Mobile Phones

Collecting data–individual pieces of information that are compiled into insights on everything from employment to brand preference–is a vital part of any organization’s operations. Marketers use [...]

How Mobile ICT is Changing Agriculture in Africa

Rural subsistence farmers in Africa face various challenges daily that make the work especially difficult. For one, most of Africa is lacking in adequate infrastructure for a successful trade [...]

Survey Design for Emerging Markets at SampleCon

GeoPoll was excited to attend SampleCon this week in Austin, Texas. Focused on the survey sampling industry, SampleCon brought together experts from both sample providers such as GeoPoll and [...]

The battle between big data analytics and market research-based data

How long has it been since you last heard or read the words ‘big data’? Big data is the new buzzword. Interest in big data is transcending the tech world, where it was first coined, to become a [...]

GeoPoll Launches Farmer Panel in Kenya

18,000 Farmers Available to Take Mobile Surveys in Africa GeoPoll is pleased to announce the launch of its new farmer panel in Kenya, consisting of over 18,000 farmers who are ready to take [...]

Understanding Research Panels; Mobile, Online & How They Work

Researchers, like practitioners in similar highly specialized disciplines, have the tendency to throw around certain terms which, if you are a non-researcher, simply fly over your head. One of [...]

The Future of Online Streaming & On Demand Video in Africa, Our Chat With Kwese Iflix CEO

The 2018 World Cup highlighted the changes in live sports viewership across the world, and especially in Africa, where there has been significant growth in the use of streaming services to watch [...]

The Importance of Net Promoter Score for Brand Health

Net Promoter Score is a metric that provides insight into the loyalty and enthusiasm that consumers have for a particular brand. Customer experience satisfaction is statistically calculated in [...]

Best Practices in SMS Messaging for Crisis Management

January of 2010 a massive earthquake devastated the lives of people in the Caribbean. The earthquake’s center was just outside the Hattian capitol, Port Au Prince. With an initial shock value of [...]

Examining the Rural to Urban Exodus in Sub-Saharan Africa

Young people in rural sub-Saharan Africa are rapidly moving to urban centers—hoping to start their lives anew. Studies conducted by GeoPoll show that SSA’s rural population decreased while urban [...]

How Market Research Can Innovate with Integrity in 2018

Doing rapid, cost-effective, and high-quality market research across multiple countries has never been easy, but as businesses become increasingly global, gathering actionable data from all over [...]

Why SMS Surveys are Still King in Africa

In a vast continent such as Africa, data collection for research purposes has been a huge challenge not just for market research agencies but also for organisations who seek to better understand [...]

African Millennials: The Myths, The Reality

African Millennials who were born from the early 1980s until around the turn of the new millennium are perceived as having changed the world’s understanding of Africa, bringing it from a ‘dark [...]

Tracking Perceptions of District-Level Candidates in Liberia through Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)

Jeremy Bowles (PhD student in Government at Harvard University) and Horacio Larreguy (Associate Professor of Government at Harvard University) are conducting a study in partnership with GeoPoll [...]

Which are the Best Telecom Operators in Sub-Saharan Africa & How are They Working to Improve Service Delivery?

The telecom operators with the most active customers are MTN in Ghana and Nigeria, Safaricom and Vodacom in Kenya and South Africa respectively and Airtel in Uganda, according to a recent GeoPoll [...]

Getting the World Online: A Roundup of Key Players and Ideas

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg authored a post on Facebook announcing that several members of Ascenta, a UK firm specializing in unmanned aircrafts (known to most as drones), were joining his team. [...]

Tips for Integrating Mobile Data Collection into International Development

When I was at the MERL Tech (Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning) conference recently, I heard something that resonated with me and my work at GeoPoll: using mobile technology – [...]

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