GeoPoll Case Studies

Select projects GeoPoll has conducted recently using mobile modes

Recent GeoPoll Case Studies

Case Study

Impact(ED) Case Study

Impact(ED) International uses GeoPoll SMS surveys to conduct an audience measurement study for the “My Better World” TV series in Nigeria.

Case Study

Diageo Nigeria Case Study

Diageo turned to GeoPoll to conduct rapid, remote mobile surveys with current and potential customers in Nigeria for agile decision-making.

GeoPoll Survey Reports

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World Cup 2022 Report: Interest, Viewership and Betting in Africa

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is underway, and most of the world’s attention has turned to Qatar to follow the biggest sporting […]

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GeoPoll Update on Russia’s War in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine continues. Almost nine months of fighting have resulted in untold death and destruction. After suffering several setbacks on […]

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GMO Foods in Kenya: Awareness and Perceptions – GeoPoll Report

In October 2022, the new Government of Kenya lifted a decade-long ban on the cultivation and importation of genetically modified food products […]