GeoPoll Case Studies

Select projects GeoPoll has conducted recently using mobile modes

Recent GeoPoll Case Studies

Case Study

UNICEF Thailand Case Study

UNICEF enlists GeoPoll to conduct a multi-round CATI survey to assess the social and economic welfare of households across Thailand post-pandemic.

Case Study

Humanitarian Outcomes Case Study

Humanitarian Outcomes uses GeoPoll CATI surveys to obtain the perspectives of people in flood-affected areas in Pakistan

Case Study

International Finance Corporation (IFC) Case Study

IFC uses GeoPoll CATI surveys to evaluate the impact of Nitlapan’s programs on the lives of farmers

GeoPoll Survey Reports

GeoPoll Survey Reports | 2 min. read

Africa MSME Pulse 2024 Report

Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are the backbone of Africa’s economy, accounting for the majority of businesses and employment across the […]

GeoPoll Survey Reports | 2 min. read

African consumers’ preference – Quality vs Quantity

The choice between products quality and quantity can vary significantly depending on various factors such as socioeconomic status, cultural preferences, product type, […]

GeoPoll Survey Reports | 2 min. read

REPORT: Betting in Africa 2024

Betting, particularly through mobile platforms, is a prevalent activity among the youth in Africa. Over time, GeoPoll has conducted surveys, both internally […]