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GeoPoll leverages the power and reach of mobile around the globe to conduct research both remotely and in-person. Our central technology platform, multiple research modes, and quality control processes deliver reliable, robust data and analysis to clients around the globe.

Research Modes

GeoPoll’s platform supports several different research modes, which fill a wide array of specific project needs. Each of these modes can be used independently or in combination with each other, and GeoPoll’s team can work with clients to design a custom solution for your project. The modes GeoPoll supports are:

  • Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing
  • Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Mobile web links
  • Mobile application surveys and tasks
  • Mobile-based focus groups
  • In-person focus groups
  • SMS Surveys
  • SMS API and trigger-in surveys

More information about each of GeoPoll’s research modes can be found below:

GeoPoll’s Research Process

Assess Project Needs

GeoPoll’s team works with clients to assess the feasibility, sample needs, modes, and costing for their research project

Project Design and Planning

We work with clients to design questionnaires and sample frames, recruit and train interviewers (CATI/CAPI), and conduct a pilot if requested.

Research Production and Monitoring

The survey is sent into production and monitored on an ongoing basis. Quality checks are performed, and interim data can be delivered if required.

Quality Control

Post data collection, secondary quality checks are performed and data is cleaned by the GeoPoll research team.

Analysis and Output

Data is analyzed and compiled into the required output, including raw data files, basic tables and charts, interactive dashboards, written reports and visual decks.

Quality Controls

All GeoPoll projects go through a series of quality checks, both automated and manual, in order to provide the highest-quality data possible. These include:

Automated Data Quality Checks

GeoPoll’s platform automatically checks that answers fall within expected ranges and match provided options. The platform also flags unusual response patterns such as straightlining or satisficing.

Quality Control Dashboard

GeoPoll’s Quality Control Dashboard provides a visual representation of survey performance metrics, enabling GeoPoll to track both survey and individual interviewer performance for CATI and CAPI surveys. GeoPoll tracks metrics including completed interviews per day, refusal rates, ineligible rates, and length of interviews.

Manual Data Quality Checks

Before data is delivered to a client, GeoPoll’s Research Team performs manual data cleaning and quality control checks including removing duplicates, identifying outliers, removing nonsense answers, categorizing open-ended answers, and ensuring all answers are coded properly.

Interviewer Training

For CATI and CAPI surveys, all interviewers go through an extensive, project-specific training which includes graded practice interviews, answering difficult respondent questions, and more.

Call Recordings

For CATI, GeoPoll’s Interviewer Application records calls automatically and GeoPoll’s team reviews a percentage of all calls made per project. GeoPoll’s platform also automatically listens to call recordings and flags those with long pauses or little noise for manual review.

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