Available Remote Mobile Survey Modes

GeoPoll offers multiple mobile-based research modes

GeoPoll can conduct remote research through the mobile phone via multiple mobile modes, which means we can tailor our solution to reach any audience across emerging markets, even if they are illiterate, do not have internet connectivity, and even if they do not have access to their own mobile phone. To learn more about the differences between the mobile modes GeoPoll offers, please download our free guide to conducting research in emerging markets.

SMS (Text Message)

Send surveys via two-way SMS messages

CATI Interviews

Conduct interviews via CATI calls with trained interviewers

Mobile Web

Send link-based surveys are to basic mobile browsers

Mobile Application

Conduct surveys and micro-tasks through GeoPoll’s mobile app

Mobile Focus Groups

Gather qualitative insights through mobile-based focus groups


Conduct face-to-face surveys and record answers through GeoPoll’s app

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