Mobile Application Surveys and Tasks

Collect Data and Complete Micro-tasks in Emerging Markets

GeoPoll is the leading provider of mobile-based remote data collection in emerging markets, with the ability to run surveys via SMS, online, voice, recruit participants for micro-tasking, and more. The GeoPoll Application is built to expand on GeoPoll’s capabilities by providing a robust platform that can conduct surveys with text, video, and picture questions, quickly disseminate information, and gather pictures and other location-based data from individuals on-the-ground in specific areas.

With 400,000+ mobile users globally, the GeoPoll App has more than one million app sessions monthly, and regularly adds features to support remote data collection, microtasking, and more.

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GeoPoll Application Features

  • Survey Implementation

    Poll users using any question type (multiple choice, scale, matrices) with routing and skip logic, ad testing, recall, and response


    Collect data including media consumption, geographic location, phone type, app presence, and social media data collection and integration


    Conduct surveys in areas with insufficient or no network coverage. Data uploaded automatically once network connectivity is available


    Recruit users to perform advanced tasks such as personal interviews, voice interviews, geo targeted media collection and more


    Verify location data for surveys and location-based tasks. Geofencing allows GeoPoll to notify users when new surveys or tasks are available to them based on location

GeoPoll Application Use Cases

The GeoPoll Application allows brands, media houses, agencies, and other organizations to administer location-based surveys and one-way messages, monitor billboard effectiveness, and conduct retail audits. By combining data collection capabilities with photograph uploading and access to the GeoPoll Application userbase, companies can capture rich, real-time information to inform better decision making.

The GeoPoll App also includes an enumerator platform that streamlines the process for both Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing and Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing, allowing enumerators to access survey questions and routing even while offline, and automatically upload data to the GeoPoll system.

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GeoPoll Application Availability

GeoPoll has active App users in many of the countries listed below, and can launch the App in almost any country worldwide.

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