GeoPoll is excited to join Brand Africa in the release of the 14th annual Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands research and rankings. Since 2011, Brand Africa 100 has been a leading authority on brand research across the continent, providing invaluable insights into African consumers’ brand preferences and perceptions. The annual study leverages the expertise of Brand Africa, GeoPoll, Kantar, Integrate, Analysis, and other partners to conduct extensive surveys across more than 30 African countries that account for 85% of Africa’s GDP and population, ensuring a robust and representative dataset.

2024 Brand Africa 100 Report

Paradox: While 64% of Africans express confidence in the continent’s potential, their brand loyalty largely lies with non-African brands. African brands have maintained a modest 14% share among the most admired brands in Africa for the second consecutive year.

Key Findings of the 2024 Brand Africa Report

Performance of African Brands

African brands have retained a 14% share of Top 100 most admired brands in Africa for the second year in a row. African brands, led by South African telecommunications group, MTN, Nigerian conglomerate, Dangote, Zambian consumer group, Trade Kings, Nigerian telecommunications group, Glo, South African media group, DStv and Ethiopian Airlines retain their respective positions as the Top 5 most admired African brands spontaneously recalled.  South Africa (5) and Nigeria (5), with Ethiopia (1), Zambia (1), Zimbabwe (1) and Tanzania (1), are the only 6 African nations that make up the 14% share of the Top 100.  Europe retained its 37% share of the Top 100, while North America declined 12,5% to 28% as Asia grew its share by 23,5% to capture 21% of the African market. 

  African Brands
#1  MTN
#2  Dangote
#3  DStv
#4  Ethiopian Airlines
#5  Bathu Shoes

These brands represent the only six African nations contributing to the 14% share in the Top 100, with South Africa and Nigeria each contributing five brands, and Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania each contributing one.

Global Brand Influence

European brands have retained a 37% share of the Top 100, while North American brands saw a decline of 12.5% to 28%. Asian brands increased their presence by 23.5%, capturing 21% of the African market. For the fifth consecutive year, Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and Apple have remained Africa’s Top 5 most admired brands. Interestingly, respondents often mistakenly identify many non-African brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Samsung, Lacoste, Total (Energies), and Guinness as African brands.

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  Overall (Top 100)
#1 Nike
#2 Adidas
#3 Samsung

Top Media Brands

In the media category, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) stands out as the most admired brand. DStv, CNN, Al Jazeera, and Facebook also feature prominently in this category, reflecting their strong influence in Africa.

  Media Brands
#1 BBC
#2 DStv
#3 CNN
#4 Al Jazeera
#5 Facebook

Top Financial Services Brands

Kenya’s Equity Bank led in the financial services category, followed by Standard Bank, ABSA, First National Bank (FNB), and the United Bank for Africa (UBA).

  Financial Services Brands
#1 Equity Bank
#2 Standard Bank
#4 FNB
#5 UBA

 Brands with a Purpose

Among organizations that are driving to do good while doing well, focusing as much on social and environmental concerns as on profits, UNICEF/UN, the #1 NGO, Coca-Cola, the #1 non-African organization, and MTN, the #1 African brand retained their positions among the most admired brands in Africa.

  NGO African Non-African
#1 UNICEF/UN MTN Coca Cola
#2 WHO/OMS Dangote Vodafone/Vodacom/Safaricom
#3 USAID Azam Nike
#4 Red Cross/Croix Rouge Trade Kings Unilever
#5 ONU DStv Samsung

Top Countries Contributing to a Better Africa

In this year’s edition, we included countries as brands, asking respondents to name the countries they felt contribute most to a better Africa. Here, African nations comprise 64% of the Top 50 most admired countries. South Africa, Nigeria, the United States, China, and Kenya are perceived as the top five countries contributing to a better Africa. Notably, all members of the newly expanded 9-member BRICS block, except Iran, are included in the list, that is dominated by Southern and West Africa, which account for 44% of the Top 50 nations Africans admire globally.

Country Brands
#1 South Africa
#2 Nigeria
#3 USA
#4 China
#5 Kenya

Most admired brands in Africa: the Top 100

Here is the full ranking of the top 100 Most Admired Brands in Kenya:

2024 Brand Africa 100 Category Country Continent Changes
1 Nike Sports & Fitness USA North America 0
2 Adidas Sports & Fitness Germany Europe 0
3 Samsung Electronics/Computers South Korea Asia 0
4 Coca Cola Non-alcoholic Beverages USA North America 0
5 Apple Electronics/Computers USA North America 0
6 Gucci Luxury Italy Europe 0
7 Toyota Auto-Manufacturers Japan Asia 1
8 Tecno Electronics/Computers China Asia 1
9 Zara Apparel Spain Europe −2
10 Puma Sports & Fitness Germany Europe 0
11 MTN Telecommunications South Africa Africa 0
12 Vodafone Telecommunications UK Europe 2
13 Nestle Consumer, non-cyclical Switzerland Europe 3
14 Pepsi Non-alcoholic Beverages USA North America −1
15 LG Electronics/Computers South Korea Asia −3
16 Louis Vuitton Luxury France Europe 1
17 Mercedes Benz Auto-Manufacturers Germany Europe −2
18 Google Technology USA North America 8
19 Orange Telecommunications France Europe −1
20 Airtel Telecommunications India Asia 1
21 Amazon Technology USA North America 14
22 H&M Apparel Sweden Europe −3
23 Nokia Electronics/Computers Finland Europe 1
24 BMW Auto-Manufacturers Germany Europe 1
25 Infinix Electronics/Computers China Asia 4
26 Sony Electronics/Computers Japan Asia −3
27 Huawei Electronics/Computers China Asia −5
28 Dangote Consumer, non-cyclical Nigeria Africa −1
29 Chanel Luxury France Europe 3
30 Trade Kings Consumer, non-cyclical Zambia Africa 8
31 Itel Electronics/Computers China Asia −1
32 Jordan Sports & Fitness USA North America 10
33 Christian Dior Luxury France Europe −5
34 Unilever Consumer, non-cyclical UK Europe −14
35 KFC Fastfood/Restaurant USA North America −2
36 Glo/Globacom Telecommunications Nigeria Africa 12
37 Tesla Auto-Manufacturers USA North America −1
38 Microsoft Technology USA North America 8
39 Nivea Personal Care Germany Europe 22
40 LC Waikiki Retail Turkey Europe 23
41 DSTV Media South Africa Africa −1
42 Lacoste Luxury France Europe −3
43 Ethiopian Airlines Aviation Ethiopia Africa −2
44 Hisense Electronics/Computers China Asia 3
45 Xiaomi Electronics/Computers China Asia 7
46 Hewlett-Packard/HP Electronics/Computers USA North America −1
47 Guinness Alcoholic Beverages Ireland Europe −3
48 Fanta Non-alcoholic Beverages USA North America 8
49 Polo Luxury USA North America 0
50 Reebok Sports & Fitness UK Europe 3
51 Azam group Consumer, non-cyclical Tanzania Africa 9
52 Jumia Technology Nigeria Africa 2
53 Ford Auto-Manufacturers USA North America −3
54 Versace Luxury Italy Europe −23
55 Mc Donald’s Consumer, non-cyclical USA North America 13
56 Blue Band Consumer, non-cyclical UK Europe 16
57 Econet Telecommunications Zimbabwe Africa 0
58 Oppo Mobile Electronics/Computers China Asia 6
59 Colgate Personal Care USA North America −16
60 Total Energies Energy France Europe 13
61 Indomie Noodles Consumer, non-cyclical Indonesia Asia 20
62 Nasco Brands Consumer, non-cyclical Nigeria Africa 23
63 Dettol Consumer, non-cyclical UK Europe −26
64 Bathu Shoes Apparel South Africa Africa −6
65 Shein Retail China Asia 5
66 Heineken Consumer, non-cyclical USA North America 0
67 Honda Auto-Manufacturers Japan Asia
68 Shoprite/Checkers Retail South Africa Africa −1
69 Omo Consumer, non-cyclical UK Europe −14
70 Rolex Luxury Switserland Europe 4
71 Land Rover/Range Rover Auto-Manufacturers UK Europe 20
72 Fila Sports & Fitness Italy Europe 22
73 Alibaba/express Technology China Asia
74 Philips Electronics/Computers Netherlands Europe −3
75 Facebook Technology USA North America −13
76 Under Armour Sports & Fitness USA North America −7
77 Netflix Technology USA North America 11
78 Toshiba Electronics/Computers Japan Asia −3
79 Sunlight Consumer, non-cyclical UK Europe 20
80 Shell Energy UK Europe 9
81 Oraimo Electronics/Computers China Asia 15
82 Prada Luxury Italy Europe −2
83 Calvin Klein Apparel USA North America −1
84 Nissan/Dacia Auto-Manufacturers Japan Asia −25
85 Peak Milk Consumer, non-cyclical Nigeria Africa
86 Volkswagen Auto-Manufacturers Germany Europe 12
87 Fendi Luxury Italy Europe 6
88 Lenovo Electronics/Computers China Asia
89 Oral b Personal Care USA North America −55
90 DeFacto Retail Turkey Europe
91 Vaseline/ Blue seal Personal Care USA North America
92 Balenciaga Luxury Spain Europe
93 Sketchers Apparel USA North America −10
94 Woolworths Retail South Africa Africa
95 Hyundai Auto-Manufacturers South Korea Asia
96 Converse Allstar Apparel USA North America 0
97 Bata Shoes Apparel Switzerland Europe
98 Dell Electronics/Computers USA North America −16
99 Avon Personal Care USA North America
100 Always Personal Care USA North America −10
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The bottom line

The 2024 Brand Africa Report paints a clear picture of the evolving landscape of African consumer preferences and brand perceptions. While non-African brands continue to dominate, the increasing confidence in local brands and the opportunities presented by initiatives like the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) signal a promising future for African brands. As African nations continue to support local entrepreneurship and embrace economic integration, we can anticipate significant growth in the presence and influence of African brands. These findings not only capture current trends but also forecast future shifts in brand loyalty and admiration. For more in-depth insights, read the full report on African Business.