Brand Africa 100 2022Once again, GeoPoll partnered with Brand Africa and other partners in a study across Africa to identify the best brands in the continent. The report, Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands, is now in its 12th year and was conducted in 29 countries covering all economic regions in Africa.

Brand Africa 100 is the most comprehensive survey on brands in Africa, and, like in the previous versions, GeoPoll conducted data collection in all the countries involved. Kantar and Brand Leadership provided strategic analysis, rankings, and insights.

Most Admired Brands in Africa

In the main ranking, there wasn’t any change in the top six most admired brands overall in Africa. Nike, Adidas, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Apple, and Tecno maintained the same positions they occupied last year. Gucci, Toyota, Puma, and MTN closed the top 10. Non-African brands dominated the ranking with 83%.

Top brands in africa

African Brands

African brands surged to a seven-year high in the annual survey, increasing their share of the Top 100 most admired brands by 4% with 17 African brands now in the top 100 counter in 2022. MTN and Dangote continued to set the pace as the most admired African brands in both the prompted and overall mention ranking.

Top african brands

Overall, South African brands continued to dominate the African ranking, representing 41% of African brands (seven out of the 17). Nigeria had four brands in the top 100, and the rest is split between Ghana (Kasapreko Drinks, 31), Tanzania (Azam, 86), Uganda (Mukwano, 72), Zimbabwe (Econet, 50), Kenya (Tusker, 63) and Ethiopia (Ethiopian Airlines, 24).

Most admired financial brands

When asked about their most admired financial services brands, most of the respondents mentioned African brands (68% of the share) – eight South African, five Nigerian and two Kenyan. Africa being a global leader in mobile money, it is no surprise that telcos are now important competitors to banks with their mobile money platforms such as M-Pesa, Ecocash, Airtel, MTN and Orange Money featuring significantly in the brand mentions.

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top financial brands in africa

African Pride

With international brands dominating the rankings over the years, Brand Africa sought to establish brands in Africa that embody African values and culture. It is due to this that we added the question – which brand best symbolizes pride in Africa – to capture opinions on the brands that are seen to embody the African spirit and are vectors of the image and identity of the continent.

Top 20 African Pride Brands

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This is only a summary of the report. You can get the full report on the Brand Africa website to dive deeper into the rankings, methodology, and insightful commentaries from experts, as well as past reports.