69% of those in South Africa would 'definitely' or 'probably' take a COVID-19 vaccine

50% of farmers in Nicaragua encountered fewer pests after implementing recommended changes


71% of consumers in Kenya have taken a digital loan in the past 6 months

56% in Pakistan believe their personal finances will get better in the next year


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We are the pioneer in providing remote, mobile-based research solutions throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America

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GeoPoll has experience administering remote, mobile-based surveys all over the world. We have completed surveys in more than 85 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, manage call centers in over 60 countries, and can conduct research via select modes in nearly any country in the world. 

Who We Work With

GeoPoll delivers critical insights to everyone from international development organizations and global brands to local NGOs and retailers.

Core Strengths

Our direct connectivity to mobile network operators, database of respondents, and extensive call center operations are just a few reasons why clients turn to GeoPoll.

Global Reach

Global Reach

GeoPoll has access to millions of respondents around the globe, and can recruit new sample or utilize client-provided contacts in order to conduct both nationally representative and highly targeted studies.

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Research Expertise

Research Expertise

GeoPoll's Team is made up of experts in research, technology, international development, and consumer sectors. Our experienced team guides clients throughout the research process, from design to data delivery.

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Innovative Technology Platform

Our multi-modal research platform handles everything from questionnaire scripting to quality assurance, and can seamlessly gather data via text message, live voice call, online links, and in-person modes.

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Mobile Penetration in Nigeria

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Fashion Tastes and Preferences in Three African Countries

How fashionable are you? What do you look for when buying clothes, shoes, and other fashion items? Where do you get that […]

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Research 101 | 4 min. read

CAPI, CATI, and CAWI Research Methods

What are CAPI, CATI, and CAWI? Three common research methodologies are CAPI, CATI, and CAWI, which stand for Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing, […]

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Closed-ended vs Open-ended Survey Questions

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How to Determine Sample Size for a Research Study

  Sample size is a research term used for defining the number of individuals included in a research study to represent a […]

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