69% of those in South Africa would 'definitely' or 'probably' take a COVID-19 vaccine

50% of farmers in Nicaragua encountered fewer pests after implementing recommended changes


71% of consumers in Kenya have taken a digital loan in the past 6 months

56% in Pakistan believe their personal finances will get better in the next year


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We provide the technology, research expertise, and coverage to produce quality data, even in hard-to-reach areas – affordably and with speed.

A Global Coverage

GeoPoll provides full-service research solutions in over 120 countries globally. Every year, GeoPoll completes more than 5 million surveys via multiple modes, powered by a network of 10,000+ interviewers from 65 call centers, and direct partnerships with mobile network operators.

Who We Work With

GeoPoll delivers critical insights to everyone from international development organizations and global brands to local NGOs and retailers.

Our Value

Our technology, expert team, and network of vetted partners and call centers enable us to collect and process high-quality, high-frequency data at scale faster than anyone else.

Quality Centric

Quality Centric

Quality is paramount at GeoPoll. We have invested human and technological resources to ensure that GeoPoll data are scientifically valid. The GeoPoll platform combines automated review of audio files with daily human review of audio to ensure data validity and integrity.


Local Context

Local Context

Driven by a team of over 75 experts based in Nairobi, Kenya, and staff strategically located across the regions we operate in, GeoPoll operates at the intersection of local context and global reach. Augmented by a network of 10,000+ trained interviewers from 65+ call centers worldwide, our projects benefit from in-depth regional knowledge and survey methodology expertise. Our diverse team comprises professionals in research, technology, international development, and consumer sectors, guiding clients through every step of the research process, from design to reporting.

Meet The Team

Speed at Scale

Speed at Scale

GeoPoll offers unmatched speed, made possible by our cutting-edge research technology, time-tested processes, and partner network. For example, we deliver continuous monitoring data to our clients within 24 hours of the interview, oftentimes within hours. We have fielded rapid surveys within hours of political events or emergencies, putting data into our client’s fingertips for effective decision making.

How It Works



Our comprehensive data reporting, visualization and presentation capabilities are designed to empower our clients with accurate and reliable insights. We go above and beyond by providing transparent access to real-time results, raw data files through attractive and accessible dashboards, so you can explore, analyze and validate findings and processes directly with full visibility and control.



Innovative Technology Platform

GeoPoll’s platform seamlessly integrates multiple modes (face-to-face, phone, text messaging, and mobile web surveys), providing flexibility and enhancing quality. Our platform is reliable and secure, having processed over 53 million interviews since 2014. Our in-house team of software developers stands ready to modify the platform to customize the platform to your research requirements.

How It Works

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Report: Online Influencers’ Influence in Kenya and Nigeria 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, social media influencers have emerged as critical players in shaping consumer trends, brand perceptions, […]

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The Nigeria Traffic Report and Citizen Feedback on the New Rail Transit System – GeoPoll Report

Lagos traffic is consistently ranked among the worst in the world, earning a notorious reputation for its relentless congestion and gridlock. The […]

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REPORT: Private Sector Investment in Climate Adaptation Innovations in East Africa

Over the past few years, East Africa has been hit hard by climate change. Drought, locusts, and flooding have all taken a […]

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Liberia 2023 Elections Online Survey: Perspectives and Preferences of the Liberian People

In the run-up to Liberia’s pivotal 2023 Elections, GeoPoll conducted an extensive opinion poll from September 20 to October 3, 2023, across […]

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Community Blog & Stories | 4 min. read

Social Media Usage Trends in Africa: GeoPoll Report

In today’s interconnected world, social media has become an integral part of our lives, transcending geographical boundaries. With its diverse cultures and […]

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GeoPoll Survey Reports | 2 min. read

The GeoPoll Socio-Political Barometer Survey DRC – Q2 2023 Report

Passer au Français >> The GeoPoll Socio-Political Barometer is an initiative to collect rapid, accurate, and robust data on key social and […]

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GeoPoll Announcements | 3 min. read

Brand Africa 100: The Best Brands in Africa – 2023

Brand Africa, in collaboration with Geopoll, Kantar, and Brand Leadership, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of Brand Africa 100 […]

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GeoPoll and Exchange.Design Partner to Drive Data-Aligned Decision-Making in International Development Programs

GeoPoll and Exchange.Design are excited to announce a partnership that will revolutionize data-aligned decision-making in international development programs. This strategic partnership leverages […]

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