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GeoPoll Research Services

Since 2012, GeoPoll has been a leader in providing affordable market research from areas that are difficult to access using traditional methods, conducting over 10 million surveys per year through the mobile phone. Working with international multilaterals, NGOs, research agencies, brands, and media groups, GeoPoll facilitates projects that provide critical data on resources, living conditions, and aid, measure ROI of advertisements, assess customer satisfaction, and more.

GeoPoll is a full service research provider that consists of both a robust, multi-modal mobile surveying platform and a panel of respondents around the globe. The experienced GeoPoll team assists clients in every step of a project, from mode selection to audience targeting, survey design, and data analysis.

GeoPoll’s Research Process


    GeoPoll can target your chosen audience via location, gender, age, and other characteristics, or can send surveys to a provided list of phone numbers


    GeoPoll's team can build your research design from scratch, including advising on mode and targeting, or adapt an existing questionnaire for mobile


    GeoPoll scripts and tests your survey before sending. Our platform supports advanced survey logic and multiple question types


    GeoPoll sends surveys via your chosen mode, and monitors responses as they come in to ensure high data quality


    GeoPoll's team examines and cleans data before delivery, and can conduct detailed analysis and compiled reports for you

The GeoPoll Team

The GeoPoll team consists of over 90 smart, passionate people from around the world. We have offices in Accra, Dar es Salaam, Denver, Johannesburg, Lagos, London, Nairobi, and Washington, DC. The team is led by:

Nick is a mobile software development pioneer who combines innate technical aptitude with exceptional business acumen to drive innovation and generate growth.

Nick Becker, Chief Executive Officer

Timur is an experienced executive in the Mobile Network Operator industry, who oversees all corporate legal functions in addition to business development at Mobile Accord and GeoPoll.

Timur Nusratty, General Counsel and Executive VP

Erik is a research manager and excel master who helps keep our subscription products flowing for clients.

Erik Johnson, Research Manager, Media

King is a seasoned survey researcher dedicated to expanding GeoPoll’s research capabilities around the world.

King Beach, Director of Vendor Management

Matt is an experienced researcher and expert in bringing innovative methods to traditional research projects by working with leading brands across Africa.

Matt Angus-Hammond, Regional Director, West Africa

JP is a client services manager with a passion for helping our commercial clients achieve value for money.

JP Murunga, Regional Director, East Africa

Matthieu is a mobile technologies specialist with more than ten years of professional experience working with fast-paced, innovative technology firms who develops the GeoPoll offer to leading market research firms.

Matthieu Sauvage-Mar, VP of Client Development

Akinyi is a media services manager who excels at helping media houses and agencies improve their return on investment.

Akinyi Okulo, Senior Client Services Manager

Bernard is an active, friendly client manager who’s skilled at building relationships and bringing people together. He’s driven by passion to provide business solutions for GeoPoll's partners.

Bernard Okasi, Director of Research

Alex is an experienced software developer who oversees the development of features and new products within the GeoPoll platform and mobile application.

Alex Kaikov, Software Development Manager

Nicolette Lok is a seasoned program management expert with over 9 years of experience, 7 of them in the telecommunications sector.

Nicolette Lok, VP of Operations

Mark has 14+ years of financial management experience across billion dollar companies and startups. He is an operational CFO who influences continuous improvement in all areas of the business.

Mark Schmidt, Chief Financial Officer

A driven accountant and HR practitioner. she has experience in managing the operations of both commercial and not for profit organizations. Linet is passionate about how numbers work to solve organizational challenges.

Linet Misiko, Accounting Manager

Lucy is an operations manager with over 5 years experience in market research, with a keen eye for streamlining operations to ensure accuracy, quality, and timely deliveries for the clients.

Lucy Wanyee, Survey Operations Manager

Patrick is a Developing market specialist with expertise in business development, market entry, telecommunications and leapfrogging technologies.

Patrick Tshibasu,  Solutions Manager

Roxana is an experienced marketer with a passion for telling stories through data and working with partners to demonstrate GeoPoll's strengths.

Roxana Elliott, VP of Marketing

Scott oversees GeoPoll’s international business development team serving the social and public sectors.

Scott Lansell, VP, International Development and Relief

Wycliffe is an enthusiastic operations manager working to maintain a collaborative environment within the ops team and ensure top notch efficiency and adaptability in a highly dynamic sphere.

Wycliffe Litabalia, Survey Operations Manager

Tavian is an experienced project manager and research analyst.

Tavian MacKinnon, Director of Program Management

As an experienced media strategist, Ricardo is determined to deliver planning efficiencies to his clients through measurement insights.

Ricardo Lopes, Regional Director, Southern Africa


GeoPoll is a member of the following organizations. In addition, GeoPoll has successfully participated in IRB processes at institutions and universities to ensure that the survey research is conducted with the highest of ethical standards.  GeoPoll staff have also completed Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training modules to ensure full compliance with ethical market research.

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