About GeoPoll

GeoPoll is the pioneer in providing remote, mobile-based research solutions throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Mobile-First Research for a Mobile-First World

GeoPoll is the pioneer in conducting remote research through mobile-based methodologies in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Born in 2012 out of the first-ever mass survey sent via text message, GeoPoll’s offerings have expanded to provide humanitarian organizations, governments, and leading brands with high-quality data through multiple mobile modes.

Our technology platform seamlessly facilitates research through live voice calls, text messages (SMS), web links, focus groups, and in-person methods, and our experienced team of researchers guides clients throughout the data collection process.

GeoPoll’s insights drive better decision-making on food security, healthcare, program monitoring and evaluation, disaster relief, consumer behavior, and much more.

The GeoPoll Team

GeoPoll’s team is made up of over 100 experts in research, technology, monitoring & evaluation, and international development. With offices in the US, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and Europe, and call centers in an additional 50+ countries, GeoPoll has a truly global team who is able to advise on research best practices and meet any client need quickly and effectively.

Join the GeoPoll Team 

GeoPoll is always looking for talented individuals to join our global team. For more information on current open positions, GeoPoll’s culture, and our job application process, click below.

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Our Core Values


At GeoPoll we strive to make every decision based on an absolute need to be RESPECTFUL to our stakeholders based around the world, and hailing from many different countries and cultures.

Honesty & Integrity

By acting with HONESTY & INTEGRITY, we safeguard the precious trust we place in one another and our customers place in us, to faithfully perform our work and deliver the truthful and unbiased data GeoPoll is recognized for.

Problem Solvers

At GeoPoll we strive to be recognized as a company of PROBLEM SOLVERS, where we approach every challenge we confront with a desire to discover how best to address and resolve it for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Team Players

Only by acting as TEAM PLAYERS at every step of our engagement with our stakeholders are we able to get the best out of our human ecosystem and effectively labor through the iterative processes that characterize the quality and speed of the GeoPoll offering.

Customer Oriented

By being CUSTOMER ORIENTED, we endeavor to play our part in supporting our customers to carry out their important work. In this vein we truly hope that the work we are doing is in some way helping people to live less challenging lives.

Continous Improvement

We constantly strive to make CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, not only for the company, our technology, and our product offering, but for our stakeholders and for ourselves, so as to realize our potential, live better and more meaningful lives, and truly help make the world a better place.

Research Memberships

GeoPoll is a member of the following organizations. In addition, GeoPoll has successfully participated in IRB processes at institutions and universities to ensure that the survey research is conducted with the highest of ethical standards. GeoPoll staff have also completed Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training modules to ensure full compliance with ethical market research.

Society for International Development
Marketing & Social Research Association