The cholera outbreak in Zambia has escalated into a public health emergency, infecting more than 21,100 people and causing 705 deaths. The outbreak, which was first reported in Lusaka in October 2023, is now afflicting all ten provinces in the country, with the potential to affect the entire southern Africa region.

Cholera Outbreak in Zambia - REPORT (1)

To assess public awareness and concern about the cholera outbreak, GeoPoll conducted a nationwide survey in Zambia using its proprietary Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) application. The remote mobile phone-based survey addressed a number of topics related to the outbreak, including:

  • Access to water for drinking, cooking, and hygiene
  • Access to sanitation
  • Awareness of the cholera outbreak in Zambia
  • Understanding of the causes, risks, and symptoms of cholera
  • Household cholera experience and concern
  • Access to cholera treatment
  • Assessment of the government’s reaction to the outbreak

Findings from the survey show that for more than a third of respondents (35%), there has been a time in the past month when their household did not have sufficient quantities of drinking water when needed. All respondents claim to be aware of the current cholera outbreak, and most understand the causes, symptoms and where to go to seek treatment. Although only 2% of respondents report that anyone in their household has ever suffered from cholera, 36% believe they are at risk of contracting cholera, and 70% are very concerned about getting cholera. This illustrates respondents’ understanding of the severity of the disease.

Click below to download GeoPoll’s full written report on the cholera outbreak in Zambia or scroll down to view the survey data in the interactive dashboard.

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Interactive Data Dashboard

Dive deeper into GeoPoll’s data on the cholera outbreak in Zambia using the interactive dashboard below. The dashboard provides responses to each question in the survey, filterable by gender, age group, and province.

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Collect Data During Humanitarian Crisis with GeoPoll

GeoPoll regularly conducts international development and humanitarian aid research for United Nations agencies, NGOs, governments, humanitarian groups and other stakeholders in the development and relief sectors.

In times of crisis, GeoPoll’s mobile surveys can reach aid beneficiaries and vulnerable populations to collect vital data on food security, disaster relief, and more. Our remote research capabilities and innovative technology platform allow GeoPoll to survey communities that are inaccessible following natural disasters, conflict, or disease outbreaks, enabling organizations to gather on-the-ground insights and disseminate information quickly and safely.

This study was implemented by GeoPoll using our own mobile research platform and extensive respondent database. The questionnaire was designed by GeoPoll researchers and conducted via GeoPoll’s Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) application. Data collection occurred from February 22 to March 2, 2024. The survey was offered in English, Bemba, and Nyanja, and conducted from the GeoPoll call center in Lusaka, Zambia.

The diverse sample for the study of 400 respondents includes a gender composition of 50% female and 50% male, and an age breakdown of 25% ages 18-24, 29% ages 25-34, 32% ages 35-50, and 15% ages 51 and over. All 10 provinces (ADM1) in Zambia are equally represented.

For more information on the sample and methodology for this study or to conduct a research study of your own using the GeoPoll CATI application and our call centers around the world, contact us today.