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Text Message and SMS Surveys in Africa

Send Surveys Through SMS (Text Message) to Respondents in Emerging Markets

Conducting research in emerging markets throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America is more important than ever before, and when it comes to mobile data collection, text messages or SMS (short message service) are still king.

GeoPoll’s multi-modal data collection platform can conduct surveys through several mobile modes including mobile app and mobile web, but SMS is still one of our most requested survey modes. This is due to the widespread reach of text messages, which can be sent to any type of phone, with or without internet access, and will be received even if the phone does not have service or is turned off when the message is sent.

text message survey

How Text Message Surveys Work


    GeoPoll will assist you with writing survey questions for SMS. We support multiple question types including open-ended, and select all that apply


    GeoPoll allows for respondent screening survey routing which enables you to add skip patterns and design complex surveys


    GeoPoll can send surveys to the GeoPoll respondent database or to mobile phone numbers provided by you


    After review by a GeoPoll expert, surveys are sent in real-time. GeoPoll has several systems in place to monitor data quality as responses come in


    GeoPoll provides data in your chosen format, which can include pivot tables, raw data, written reports, custom dashboard visualizations or infographics

GeoPoll Text Message (SMS) Surveying Capabilities

Options to initiate survey

GeoPoll can send outbound surveys to respondents, or facilitate trigger surveys through the use of keywords posted on products or in retail locations which respondents text-in to start a survey

Real-time data collection

GeoPoll sends 2-way text message surveys in real-time, and raw results and dashboard visualizations when chosen are available within hours of data collection

Free and incentivized surveys

GeoPoll text message surveys are free for the end-user through zero-rated shortcodes, and incentives are deposited immediately via airtime credit or mobile money.

Respondent targeting

GeoPoll’s database of respondents can be targeted by demographics, location, custom screening questions, or you can send text message surveys to your own list of respondents

Text Message Survey Availability

GeoPoll has the ability to send text message surveys in all active GeoPoll countries listed below, and has a panel of active text message survey respondents in each country.

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