Mobile-Based Focus Groups in Africa

Conduct Qualitative Research in Emerging Markets

Qualitative data provides a deeper understanding of your target audience and their motivations, allowing you to develop products that are truly tailored to their needs and produce more effective marketing campaigns.

However, traditional qualitative research methods are expensive and infeasible when working with audiences located across wide geographic regions, making GeoPoll’s mobile-based market research online communities the best option for collecting in-depth insights from audiences across Africa and other emerging regions. Using GeoPoll’s unique mobile-based focus groups, you can gather high-quality qualitative data in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.


How GeoPoll’s Market Research Online Communities Work


    Eligible participants are recruited from GeoPoll’s panel and invited to join an MROC


    Participants are invited to join one of GeoPoll's MROCs from their mobile device


    An experienced moderator solicits feedback, provides prompts, and guides group discussions


    Active members are incentivized to encourage ongoing participation, while inactive members are replaced


    A detailed qualitative report is prepared from discussions, including message text and pictures

GeoPoll MROC Services

Quick Qual

A one-time group is formed in order to discuss a specific question or issue, such as “How will my product concept perform with my target audience?”. Members are recruited over the course of several days, followed by a multi-day discussion, and fast-turnaround report creation.

 Continuous Community

To gather in-depth data over time, explore changes in opinion as new products are introduced, and test multiple products on the same consumer segment, a continuous community is active over a longer period of time. Participants are given new tasks on a weekly basis in order to cover a wide range of topics.

Market Research Online Communities Availability

GeoPoll can recruit participants into a mobile-based focus group in many of the below countries, contact us for more information about capabilities per market.

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