Energy, Climate, and Environment

Gather direct feedback on energy and climate concerns

Real-time information is imperative for donors, NGOs, and governments to reach target populations, assess markets and community practices, and evaluate program initiatives. GeoPoll’s remote mobile surveying capabilities allow energy, climate, and environmental stakeholders to gather ongoing data to measure trends or gather one-off data from specific populations.

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Use Cases


    Assess community awareness, usage, availability, and habits around green energy to inform green energy strategies


    Track community perceptions about climate change and changes in behavior due to climate


    Assess preparedness for potential natural disasters and predict resilience levels if a natural disaster were to occur


    Measure perceptions of the effectiveness of interventions that are intended to increase access to natural resources


    Assess farmer perceptions of, and experiences with, climate resilient farming practices and new farming technologies

GeoPoll Advantages: Remote Data Collection

Reach any mobile device

GeoPoll can administer surveys by multiple text, voice, and in-person modes including text message (SMS), mobile application, and voice calls from trained interviewers, allowing us to reach anyone with access to any type of mobile phone. Choose which mode is right for you.

Full service research team

The GeoPoll team are experts in mobile data collection and can assist you with questionnaire design, survey scripting, data analysis, and report creation, ensuring our research is seamlessly integrated with your own processes and goals. Meet our team.

Seamless respondent experience

Direct integration with mobile network operators ensures messages are sent in real-time and are free for respondents. GeoPoll provides incentives immediately upon survey completion. Learn about our mobile methodology. 

Wide reach and targeting

GeoPoll has a total reach of over 250 million mobile subscribers and 5 million profiled respondents. We can reach every province or state within a country and target respondents by gender, age, location, and other criteria. View our country coverage details. 

GeoPoll Coverage

GeoPoll has experience administering remote, mobile-based surveys all over the world for clients ranging from global brands and international development organizations to local media stations and NGOs. We have completed projects in over 70 countries and can conduct research via select methods in nearly any country in the world. Contact us to request more information on our capabilities and respondents around the world.

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