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Democracy and Governance Surveys

Reach Citizens in Remote Areas and Conflict Zones

GeoPoll’s mobile research and engagement platform allow governments and democracy groups to reach citizens in remote areas or conflict zones quickly and safely, without the need for on-the-ground enumerators. Using GeoPoll, organizations can administer surveys and educational messages to extremely specific target populations, giving them the ability to quickly assess situations and act upon the most up-to-date information.

This real-time data collection can monitor municipal services, track political perceptions over time, and encourage government transparency and accountability. GeoPoll also has the ability to send mass one-way communications to targeted populations for informational purposes or following crises.

democracy and governance

Democracy and Government Use Cases


    Collect information directly from communities on services' performance, including electricity outages and infrastructure problems


    Hold governments accountable and encourage transparency in operations


    Conduct daily, weekly, or monthly surveys to assess political perceptions in both urban and rural areas over time


    Inform advocacy efforts at the local or national levels, and bring the citizens' voices into important issues


    Remotely monitor security situations and get on-the-ground updates on conflicts as they evolve

GeoPoll Capabilities

Multi-modal solution

GeoPoll can administer surveys by multiple text, voice, and in-person modes including text message (SMS), mobile web, Computer-Assisted-Telephone Interviewing, Interactive Voice Response, and Computer-Assisted-Personal-Interviewing.

Fast data collection

GeoPoll’s mobile methodology can reach large sample sizes quickly and collects survey responses in real-time. Full reports are available within days of survey administration, or data can be uploaded to an online dashboard immediately.

Free and incentivized surveys

GeoPoll surveys are free for the respondent, and incentives can be deposited into the respondent’s airtime or mobile money account, reducing economic barriers for participation. 

Respondent targeting

GeoPoll’s database of respondents can be targeted by demographics, location, and multiple custom screening questions, allowing you to reach extremely specific populations.

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