Humanitarian Assistance & Relief Research

Gather on-the-ground feedback during or after a natural disaster, health crises, or conflict

Collect Data During Humanitarian Crises

Up-to-date information is vital in the hours following a natural disaster, disease outbreak, or an increase in conflict. With GeoPoll’s remote mobile methodology, humanitarian aid organizations can quickly contact those in affected areas even when aid workers are unable to reach them on the ground.

GeoPoll’s mobile surveys can reach aid beneficiaries and vulnerable populations to collect vital data on food security, disaster relief, and more. Our remote research capabilities and innovative technology platform allow GeoPoll to survey communities that are inaccessible following natural disasters, conflict, or disease outbreaks, enabling organizations to gather on-the-ground insights and disseminate information quickly and safely.

Use Cases for Humanitarian Data

Disaster Relief

Deploy immediately in areas during or after shocks, stresses, or crises when real-time, actionable data is needed.

Remote Monitoring and Impact Assessments

Conduct remote monitoring of food security, healthcare, aid delivery, and more.

Understand Needs

Gather information on critical needs including availability of health care, food, and clean water

Conflict Tracking

Track unrest in key regions.

Disseminate Messages

Send informational messages to those on the ground to prevent disease spread and share aid information

GeoPoll Advantages

Our technology, expert team, and network of vetted partners and call centers enable us to collect and process high-quality, high-frequency data at scale faster than anyone else.


The GeoPoll platform uses automated and manual quality control checks to ensure data accuracy and integrity even at scale.

Speed at Scale

Our technology, team, and network of vetted in-country partners enable us to collect and process data faster than anyone else.


We provide our clients with access to real time raw data in an easy-to-use format to ensure collection is on track and to expedite analysis.


Our technology offers multi-modes and is developed in-house to meet the individual needs of our clients on time and within budget.

Meaningful Data

With staff based in the regions where we operate, our projects are grounded in local context and expertise in survey methodology.

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