Health & Nutrition Research

GeoPoll can help you monitor and improve global health systems by gathering vital information on health & nutrition needs

Collect Health and Nutrition Data

Access to real-time information can help governments, communities, donors, and implementing partners identify critical issues in health service delivery, strengthen health systems, refine social and behavior change (SBC) messaging, and respond to global health security threats. GeoPoll’s granular data can be utilized for emergency assessments, one-time analyses of specific areas or populations, and ongoing monitoring. Remote surveys via mobile phone are a particularly strong tool for gaining honest answer to highly sensitive questions, making them uniquely effective for data collection for global health programs.

Health & Nutrition Research Use Cases

Assess Local Perceptions of Care and Health Service Delivery

Collect data on health service delivery and quality perceptions at household, community, and facility levels.

Track Health-Seeking Behavior

Survey population groups on family planning, infectious diseases, and gender-based violence knowledge, attitudes, and practices.

Offer Two-Way, Direct Communication with Healthcare Workers

Survey healthcare workers on working conditions, send SMS messages, and conduct knowledge quizzes.

Design and Evaluate Campaign and Advocacy Strategies and Outreach Plans

Conduct pre-campaign testing and post-campaign evaluation among your target population.

Manage Supply Chains and Monitor Last Mile Delivery and Use of Goods

Ensure supply delivery, gather beneficiary feedback on quality, and track commodity usage.

GeoPoll Advantages

How GeoPoll’s mobile-based methodologies can help you gather vital data across the globe.


The GeoPoll platform uses automated and manual quality control checks to ensure data accuracy and integrity even at scale.

Speed at Scale

Our technology, team, and network of vetted in-country partners enable us to collect and process data faster than anyone else.


We provide our clients with access to real time raw data in an easy-to-use format to ensure collection is on track and to expedite analysis.


Our technology offers multi-modes and is developed in-house to meet the individual needs of our clients on time and within budget.

Meaningful Data

With staff based in the regions where we operate, our projects are grounded in local context and expertise in survey methodology.

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