Impact Evaluation Research

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GeoPoll harnesses the power of data to transform the way organizations measure and understand their impact. With our innovative survey solutions, we empower international development organizations, local NGOs, and governments to make informed decisions that drive positive change. GeoPoll’s unique mixed-mode platform, global reach and local expertise ensure quality, comprehensive insights that transcend boundaries.

Use Cases for Impact Evaluation Research

Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Projects

GeoPoll surveys assess project impact, gather beneficiary and stakeholder feedback, and optimize resource utilization for sustainable development goals.

Social Impact and Community Development

Data on livelihoods, gender equality, social cohesion, and service access promotes inclusive, sustainable development.

Health and Nutrition Programs

GeoPoll collects health and nutrition data to evaluate program effectiveness, enhance healthcare delivery, prevent diseases, and combat malnutrition.

Education and Literacy Assessments

GeoPoll surveys assess education outcomes, enrollment, attendance, and barriers, enabling targeted interventions for improved opportunities.

Advocacy and Fundraising

Impact measurement strengthens advocacy efforts and fundraising activities.

GeoPoll Advantages

Our technology, expert team, and network of vetted partners and call centers enable us to collect and process high-quality, high-frequency data at scale faster than anyone else.


The GeoPoll platform uses automated and manual quality control checks to ensure data accuracy and integrity even at scale.

Speed at Scale

Our technology, team, and network of vetted in-country partners enable us to collect and process data faster than anyone else.


We provide our clients with access to real time raw data in an easy-to-use format to ensure collection is on track and to expedite analysis.


Our technology offers multi-modes and is developed in-house to meet the individual needs of our clients on time and within budget.

Meaningful Data

With staff based in the regions where we operate, our projects are grounded in local context and expertise in survey methodology.

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