GeoPoll is pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved Interviewer platform for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI) and Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI) / face-to-face surveys. The improvements include a complete revamp of the mobile application at the center of the ecosystem, and a new portal for partners – clients and service providers – to easily and accurately monitor the progress of projects.

GeoPoll’s proprietary mobile application for telephone and face-to-face interviews facilitates interviewer flow, data collection, interviewer oversight and can be utilized on any Android smartphone or tablet. This wholesome update is a culmination of many years of experience conducting CATI and CAPI surveys in emerging markets, and our resolve to provide useful solutions to our clients and partners across the world.

The all-new application represents a significant upgrade from our previous solution. We redesigned the user interface to make the application easier, faster, and more intuitive for interviewers. It is both beautiful and packed with new capabilities for interacting with questions, recording notes, going back to previous questions, and more. The result is a seamless experience for both interviewers and respondents.GeoPoll Interviewer App on Google Play Store


To reduce human error and streamline the interview process, the application also provides automatic sample management. The sample management feature enables interviewers to easily access the sample by simply starting a new interview (which will queue up the number and bring it to their phone dialer) so that all the interviewer needs to do is press the dial button. The application can still also be used with an external dialer when needed.

To meet GeoPoll’s strict survey and data quality standards, the new application automatically records calls for quality evaluation. It also includes a case log for interviewers to monitor the progress of surveys, and the option to schedule a call back to resume interviews at a later time.

For Supervisors, the application supports quality callbacks and is integrated with GeoPoll’s other platforms, enabling them to review their team’s progress and do quality checks – including reviewing their team’s audio recordings.

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Enhancements to the application’s offline capabilities enable interviewers to seamlessly conduct surveys even without internet access.

Leverage the GeoPoll Interviewer App for your Research

Combined with the largest database of respondents and more than ten years of experience conducting surveys in emerging countries, the GeoPoll Interviewer application provides a revolutionary voice and face-to-face data collection tool. The App’s inherent features, such as multi-lingual support, offline capability, sample management, quota management, quality scoring, multiple question types, and the ability to recruit interviewers, create an all-in-one solution that can be adapted to any scenario.

Data collected from the application can be reviewed and analyzed in real time with support from GeoPoll’s one-of-a-kind research platform. Results can be made available to the client immediately in any format required.

Innovative tech platform

Contact us to learn more about our capabilities for your next research project or to get access to our new and improved application for your surveys or call center work.