cati_geopollGeoPoll offers multi-modal mobile data collection, and CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) is one of our most frequently requested modes, as it allows organizations to reach respondents in areas of low literacy rates. To meet the growing needs for CATI-based projects, GeoPoll is pleased to announce our newly opened CATI center, which was launched in Abuja, Nigeria to service CATI projects in Nigeria and West Africa. This center will give GeoPoll a home base for data collection in Nigeria, provide a secure area for data collection where clients can observe live data collection efforts, and allow GeoPoll to expand our capabilities and reduce project turnaround time.


This CATI center was opened in July, following a GeoPoll-led training with local call center staff. GeoPoll trained local staff on how to use the GeoPoll data collection app, which allows for online and offline data collection for CATI and CAPI. In addition, staff were trained on best practices for CATI/CAPI research, ethics, and project implementation in order to ensure all GeoPoll CATI projects are of the highest quality. GeoPoll staff also trained a team who will oversee the call center and CATI/CAPI data collection in West Africa, including monitoring data and ongoing call center operations.

Nigeria CATI Call Center Capabilities

cati_surveyLocalization is one of the most important aspects of CATI/CAPI work in Africa, and GeoPoll now has a roster of 50 interviewers who can be used for different projects based on client needs, including a mix of male and female interviewers, those who speak different dialects, and who have work experience in multiple locations. Staff are from 17 of the 36 states across Nigeria and speak a combination of 9 different languages: English, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Edo, Urobo, Igala, Tarok, and Ijaw.

As part of this launch, GeoPoll also met with local partners and clients so that our operations team could learn more about client needs for CATI work. We began pilot work for three CATI projects currently ongoing in the region and provided in-person oversight on data collection for a week. So far, we have collected data for multiple projects from the Nigeria CATI center, and completed over 8,000 interviews.

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Conduct Your Own CATI Survey in Africa

GeoPoll regularly conducts surveys via multiple modes, and we are excited to grow our CATI and CAPI capabilities in West Africa and beyond so that we can better service our clients and partners in the region. To learn more about our capabilities or commission a CATI or CAPI-based survey of your own, please contact us.