GeoPoll is pleased to announce the launch of a new and improved mobile application to broaden our remote surveying capabilities. The new mobile app is a revamp of the original GeoPoll Application and allows GeoPoll and our partners to conduct app-based surveys and other tasks with the GeoPoll app userbase.

First launched in 2016, GeoPoll’s mobile application is a robust platform that can conduct surveys with text, video, and picture questions, quickly disseminate information, and gather pictures and other location-based data from individuals in specific areas. The reconfigured GeoPoll app provides respondents with a more seamless registration and survey-taking experience which will enable GeoPoll and our partners to more easily conduct app-based research in the coming years. Some key features of the new GeoPoll Application include:

  • Device agnostic: GeoPoll’s application is built to work with any device, including older phone operating systems and varying screen sizes.
  • Low data usage: The GeoPoll application is lightweight and uses little data, making it friendly for anyone to download and use, even those with limited airtime and low wifi coverage
  • Seamless user registration and survey-taking flow: The registration process has been streamlined to verify new user accounts quickly and effectively
  • Detailed location tracking: Using GPS data, the GeoPoll application can target surveys or other tasks to very specific areas, and can provide location information of our respondents with partners
  • Multi-lingual: GeoPoll’s application supports multiple languages and alphabets including English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Swahili, as well as country-specific languages such as Tagalog, Urdu, Oromo, Amharic Latin, Kinyarwanda, Indonesian and Turkish.
  • Video and picture support: Surveys can include video and picture content which respondents react to, and respondents can also upload their own photos and videos of products, billboards, retail stores, and more

Developed by GeoPoll’s tech team and drawing from both the best practices of modern design and feedback from users, the new mobile application is more user friendly and will provide GeoPoll partners with better survey functionality. The GeoPoll Application is a complement to other GeoPoll research methods including CATI voice calls, SMS, and mobile web links.

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In addition to traditional survey functionality, the GeoPoll Application allows clients to build panels over time to track brand health, product usage, and consumption behavior, direct respondents to visit retail locations or billboards to report on them, and much more. For those looking to gather real-time insights in emerging regions, the functionality of the GeoPoll Application opens up a range of possibilities.

The new GeoPoll Application will be initially launched in over 40 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, giving our partners greater access to more surveying capabilities and an ever-growing app userbase. To learn more about GeoPoll’s capabilities or get a quote for your next research project, please contact us today. To download the app and take surveys in exchange for payment through airtime credit or other methods, visit this page.