We upgraded the GeoPoll App to a lighter, easier, and faster version that we hope you have updated to and are enjoying. We removed some features and left only the features you need, which are now easy and intuitive to access. Here is a short guide on how to navigate your way through the App.

My Tasks

When you login or open your app, the first page you will see is the tasks page. The screen now only contains tasks that are available and active for you. Depending on the nature of the task, you will see a different icon, such as regular surveys, media surveys, or photography tasks among others. To give you more opportunities to earn, GeoPoll also includes surveys from partners, which you can identify by their yellow icon. Now you’ll get a small credit even if you don’t qualify to complete a survey.

When available, simply click on the task to complete it. Remember, tasks are time-bound, so the sooner you complete them, the better.

geopoll app tasks

My Earnings

Whenever you complete paid surveys and tasks, you build your GeoPoll credit, which you can redeem for phone airtime, mobile money, PayPal, or Global Rewards (depending on the country). You can access your earnings from the $ sign at the bottom of your screen, or the top of My Tasks page. My Earnings page gives you a breakdown of your earnings, your total earnings, and available GeoPoll credit.

geopoll app earnings

Click the Redeem button at any time to redeem your credit if your earnings meet the minimum threshold.

redeeming geopoll credit

Community Polls

GeoPoll Community Polls is your class, boardroom, and playground. Here, you benefit from the ever-willing community’s assistance to make decisions, learn or engage using your own polls. Simply tap “Create” and follow the easy steps to create your poll. You can also click on any poll to take part in other community members’ polls.

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geopoll community polls

You can view enhanced poll results by clicking on a poll you created or already participated in.

Invite a Friend

A constant way to earn GeoPoll credit even when other tasks are not available is inviting other people to the GeoPoll Community. Now GeoPoll’s Invite a Friend feature is easier and offers multiple ways to invite people either on your phone or your social channels. For every friend who uses your code to download and register successfully for the App, you get GeoPoll credit.

Invite a Friend is now available to more countries – try it out now to see if your country is eligible!

invite a friend geopoll


If you are yet to get the new amazing GeoPoll App, do it now and take a tour. Contribute your ideas to the world and earn!