As the end of the year approaches, people worldwide are getting ready to celebrate the holiday season, and Africa is no different! The various cultures and traditions across the continent unite to create a vibrant array of festivals highlighting the region’s rich heritage and festive spirit.  

During the festive season in Africa, it’s not just about individuals celebrating, but it’s a time for the community to come together. People organize community events, share meals with their neighbours, and participate in charitable activities to promote unity and togetherness. For many, it’s a chance to give back to their communities by spreading festive cheer to those in need. 

Join us on a quick tour to explore some of the exciting and unique activities that Africans participate in during this joyful season as we also explore how 2023 has been. GeoPoll surveyed Eastern African Countries- Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda– in December 2023 with a combined sample size of 5,009 participants.  

This report highlights:  

  • Overall experience in 2023 
  • December Celebrations. 
  • Gifts during December celebrations. 
  • Traditions you share with loved ones during this time. 
  • Goals and New Year resolutions 

A reflection of 2023 

Looking back at 2023 with our 5,009 participants, we’ve got a lot of good vibes! A solid 60% are feeling positive, with 36.39% saying it’s been “Very Good” and 23.61% saying it’s just been “Good.” Then there’s the 14.74% cruising along on the “Somewhat Good” ride – enjoying it but not going overboard. About 16.99% are keeping it chill on the “Average” bus, taking a neutral stance in the parade of life. Lastly, 8.27% are wearing their frowny-face masks on the “Not Good At All” float. 

What’s in store this December? 

It’s safe to say that the holiday spirit has cast its merry spell! The survey found that the majority, 61.73%, are excited about the December holidays. 31.44% of the participants say they’re “Very Excited,” following closely, 29.51% stated they were excited, it’s safe to say that the holiday season brings great joy. On the chill side, 18.53% feel “Neutral,” taking the holidays in stride. Another 13.80% are in the “Somewhat Excited” camp. Then there’s the 6.72% who proudly declare, “Not Excited At All.” 

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In addition, with Christmas around the corner, 44.61% admitted to looking forward to this day. Recent data from, WorldRemit shows that families worldwide will spend about 156% of their monthly income on Christmas this year.  Consequently, countries like Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya, are likely to spend more than 100% of their monthly household income on Christmas. 

Thirty-eight percent eagerly awaited New Year’s Eve, and 17.45% preferred Boxing Day.  

Speaking of Boxing Day… 

In African households, the art of giving has become a cherished tradition, and it’s heartwarming to discover that a whopping 73.91% of the survey participants wholeheartedly engage in the delightful exchange of gifts with their loved ones. On the flip side, a more reserved 26.81% choose not to partake in this tradition. Diving deeper into why some unique participants opt out of the gift-giving habit, financial constraints emerge as the leading factor, with 56.73% highlighting this as their main reason. Following closely are Distance and Logistics, making up 15.38%, while a shift in cultural or family traditions trails just behind at 14.90%. 

December Traditions 

African celebrations are never complete without a grand feast of diverse and delicious dishes. Families and friends unite to share various traditional meals from country to country. Our survey found that 19.59% prefer the cozy home atmosphere during this festive period, while 18.51% opt for a joyous gathering at church. Additionally, 16.31% indulge in the pure bliss of eating and merrymaking, 12.87% connect with friends, 12.46% channel their festive spirit into decorating for Christmas, and closely following 12.26%, some travel upcountry. For those seeking adventure, 7.85% embark on excursions to recreation spots like game parks and beaches. 

END of 2023 – Welcome 2024 

As the tradition of setting New Year goals and resolutions is embraced by many, we delved into whether our participants engage in this practice. An overwhelming 89.74% enthusiastically confirm that they set personal goals, while a more minor but still significant 10.26% choose not to set specific goals for the new year.  

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Digging deeper into the topic, 34.62% of participants describe their achievements as “very good,” while another 25.38% proudly deem them “good.” Additionally, 18.32% characterize their accomplishments as falling within the “average” range. 

Goals and aspiration for 2024 

Let’s dive into the fabulous findings of our survey, where people are gearing up for a fantastic 2024! The survey spills the beans on what the participants are gearing up to conquer in 2024: -18.20% want to save money or spend less, 15.39% are gunning for career advancement, 13% are focused on growing their education, and 12.58% are eager to pick up new skills. Fitness fanatics at 9.88% are aiming to exercise more, 8.37% plan to enjoy more time with family and friends, and 7.33% are all in for living life to the fullest. 


‘Tis the season of joy, unity, and a vibrant celebration of culture! At GeoPoll, we’re filled with gratitude for the remarkable strides we’ve taken in 2023. Wishing you a Christmas that’s not just merry but bursting with fun, happiness, and love. Let’s reconvene and make 2024 even more extraordinary. See you on the flip side of the festivities! 

Methodology/About this Survey    

This Exclusive Survey was run via the GeoPoll mobile application in December 2023 in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The sample size was 5,009, composed of random app users between 18 and 60. Since the survey was randomly distributed, the results are slightly skewed towards younger respondents.     

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