With the general lack of precise, granular media audience measurement data in most African markets, media buying has tended to adopt a “scatter-gun” approach. Brands and agencies hedge their bets in their advertising expenditure, distributing their ad spend across a variety of channels and timeslots to ensure that their target market is adequately reached with advertising. This should not be happening in a digital age.

Without the measurement and data infrastructure to enable this accountability, global clients’ African media budgets often do not get the investment they deserve. A lot of ad spend is wasted, either because it is reaching the wrong target audience, or it is reaching the right audience but less cost effective than it should be. It has previously been very difficult to monitor the return on investment of ad spend as there has not been a  consistent, objective way of tracking campaign reach and frequency.  Until Now!!! 

The GeoPoll Media Measurement service has been examining ratings and audience share for the top stations in  Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Afghanistan to provide media insights into markets where data is scarce. You no longer need to bet on which media channel is most effective for your advertising expenditure.

GeoPoll’s overnight media ratings deliver daily insights on audience measurement data for TV, Radio, and Print.

The Highlights

Capital FM has the most ratings in the Central region, Uganda with an average of 4.7 between 6-10AM.  During peak hours, NTV has the most viewership having its peak being spotted at 9PM with an average of 6.9.

Kiss FM being an English station continues to perform among the top 5 competing with Kiswahili stations that have traditionally dominated. There is a stiff competition between KTN and NTV for the 2nd position in ratings.
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Radio listeners in Nigeria tends to spent most of their time listening to Ray Power FM, Wazobia FM and Cool FM throughout the day. Channels TV is the leading TV station in Q4, 2017 in Nigeria with its most being spotted at 9.30PM with an average of 3.2.
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SUGGESTED  Afghanistan Media Audience Landscape

FBC (Fana) has the most viewership in Ethiopia with its highest point being between 6-8AM with an average of 10.9.  Kana leads in ratings during peak hours while having its peak being at 8.30PM with an average of 9.3. EBS attains the 2nd position
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Arman FM is the first in ratings throughout the day with its peak being between 4-6PM. Radio Azadi takes the 2nd position in ratings. TV Viewers in Afghanistan are loyal to Tolo TV during Peak hours. The highest ratings of Tolo TV are spotted at 7PM and 9PM with an average of 2.2.
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Rwanda radio listeners are loyal to Radio Rwanda throughout the day with its highest point being between 8-10PM. Rwanda TV has the most affinity from TV viewers in Q3, 2017 during peak hours. Its highest point is being spotted 8PM with an average of 5.3.
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About Media Measurement

GeoPoll is the largest provider of overnight media ratings in Africa, delivering daily data insights, 365 days a year. Our Media Measurement service uses panel-based mobile surveys to collect audience measurement data for TV, radio, and print.

GeoPoll prides itself on offering best-in-class quality, impartiality, and speed in all of our work. As a result, multinational firms, local organizations, and implementing partners rely on GeoPoll market research insights to make decisions—whether results verify success or identify areas of improvement

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