Adom TV and Daily Graphic Lead Ghana Media Consumption

GeoPoll is pleased to release a report on the top TV channels, radio stations, and print outlets in Ghana for 2017. The top media outlets were determined using the daily data collected through GeoPoll’s Media Measurement Service, which has been measuring media audience ratings through mobile phone surveys in Ghana since 2014. To learn more about GeoPoll’s media measurement service and methodology, or to gain access to additional data including ratings breakdowns by age, gender, and location, please contact us.

The report finds that Adom TV, Peace FM, Goodnews FM, Hello FM and Daily Graphic emerge as the top national and regional media outlets in Ghana for the year 2017. Adom TV, a national broadcaster, was the leading TV station averaging 662,000 viewers per month. The leading radio stations in the Greater Accra, Ashanti and Western regions were Peace FM with 111,000 listeners, Hello FM with 186,000 listeners and Goodnews Fm with 57,000 average daily listeners respectively.


Adom TV was the leading station in 2017 with 662,000 average viewers.  It was followed by TV3 and UTV to close out the top three. Joy Prime sits in fourth at 364,000 average viewers.

Top TV stations_Ghana 2017.fw.gif

Adom TV was the dominant station throughout 2017, holding the lead in viewers each quarter. Quarter four of 2017 had a bit more parity among the top stations, with Adom TV at 12.7% viewer share, TV3 at 12.4% share, and UTV with 11.3% share respectively.


For radio, GeoPoll analyzed data at the regional level in Greater Accra, Ashanti, and Western regions, as seen in the charts below. Peace, Citi, and Joy lead the way in Accra.

Top Radio Accra 2017.gif

Peace FM led in the average audience numbers in all four quarters throughout the year. Citi FM has seen the highest improvement in increasing their audience share. In Q2, Citi increased their share from 9% to 11% and in Q4 as well. In Q3, Citi was leading with a 13% share compared to 12% for Peace.

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In Ashanti, we see Hello, Nhyira, Kessben, and Luv lead as the top four stations.

Top Radio Ashanti 2017.gif

Throughout the year in Ashanti, Hello led in ratings, although in Q4 there was stiffer competition between the top two stations: Both Hello FM and Nhyira had a 13% share. Kessben performed well through Q3, however, Luv took the third spot in Q4 with 10% share.

In Western, Goodnews and Space compete for the top spot, followed by Skyy Power and Rok competing for third.

Top Radio Western 2017.gif

In Western throughout the year, Goodnews FM and Space FM battled for ratings, although by Q4 Space had taken the lead with a 14% audience share compared to 10% for Goodnews.


GeoPoll also measured average newspaper readership each day as seen below. GeoPoll found that Daily Graphic was the most popular daily newspaper, at 1.5 million readers per day, followed by the Daily Guide at 726,000, and the Ghanaian Times in third at 532,000.

To Newspapers Ghana.gif

Ghana enjoys a vibrant media landscape with about 392 radio stations, 51 TV Stations  as per the National Communications Authority of Ghana 2017 report and over 15 newspaper publications.  With the general lack of precise, granular audience measurement data, media buying brands, agencies, and media outlets hedge their bets when it comes to advertising spend. By using our overnight media data, distribution of ad spend across a variety of channels and timeslots ensures that the target market is adequately reached with advertising, placements, and sponsorships.  

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