GeoPoll is pleased to release updated media data from Ghana which shows the top radio and television programs in certain key categories in Ghana in 2018. 2018 marked 25 years since Ghana implemented a free press system, opening up broadcasting to the masses. There are now estimated to be over 350 commercial radio stations and more than 30 television stations operational in Ghana, in addition to international media houses who broadcast through satellite and digital subscriptions.

In the past five years, the media landscape has been further diversified as Internet penetration has grown, bringing with it a myriad of new, online-only media outlets that compete with traditional media houses for audience. Ghana’s analog to digital migration, originally scheduled for 2015, has been pushed back, and as of March 2019 still has not been completed. These factors, along with a new slate of shows from telenovelas to reality TV shows, have contributed to a fractured media landscape, where no one station gets a majority of TV share and there are large differences in top stations by region.

In a new, free report available for download now, GeoPoll provides high-level data on some of the key programming categories in Ghana for media houses and advertisers. Data includes the below:

Top Radio Shows in Ghana

Ghana has a huge number of radio stations in operation, with many of them being regional stations and a few national syndications via local independent affiliates. For our analysis of radio ratings, GeoPoll examined ratings regionally for two of the most important times of day in terms of radio listenership and advertising rates: Morning Shows, those which are broadcast between the hours of 6am – 11am, when audiences are getting ready for and driving to work, and Drive Time Shows, broadcast in the afternoon hours from roughly 2pm-7pm, when audiences are on their way back from work in the late afternoon.

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The regional top ten shows for Greater Accra, Ashanti, and Western are listed in the full report, however we do observe two key trends in Ghana radio audiences overall: First, we find that Kokrokoo, the Super Morning Show and Dwaso Nsem, all get high ratings in more than one region in Ghana. Second, GeoPoll data shows that morning show ratings are consistently higher than afternoon drive time show ratings, indicating that audiences do not consistently listen to the same stations in the morning and afternoon, and overall tune in less in the afternoon hours. The free report includes data on the top ten Morning Shows and Drive Time Shows for the Greater Accra, Ashanti, and Western regions.

Top TV Shows in Ghana

The TV landscape in Ghana is less regionally fragmented than the radio landscape, and therefore we examined TV ratings at a national level. The full GeoPoll Audience Measurement data also allows for TV ratings to be viewed at a regional level or by specific audiences, such as females or youth groups. For this analysis, we focused on the top news programmes, top reality TV programmes, and top telenovelas broadcast in Ghana in 2018. To view the data on Top TV Shows in Ghana please download the report here.

Audience Measurement Data from Ghana

To get access to GeoPoll’s daily audience measurement data from Ghana, which includes ratings, audience share, and audience size and can be broken down by demographics, location, and more, please contact us today.