Ghana Media Measurement: Top TV and Radio Stations 2018

GeoPoll is pleased to release updated media data from Ghana which shows the top radio and television programs in certain key categories in Ghana in 2018. 2018 marked 25 years since Ghana [...]

Radio Ratings in Ghana, May-July 2015

Using the daily data collected through Kantar-GeoPoll Media Measurement, GeoPoll has analyzed radio listenership in Ghana for the past three months from May 1st – July 31st. We examined both [...]

Ghana Tunes in for Close African Cup of Nations Final

For the past month, African football teams have been playing in the African Cup of Nations, the equivalent of the World Cup for the African continent. The final game was Sunday February 8th, [...]

Ghana TV Ratings: UTV and TV3 are Top Stations

Ghana has one of the most diverse and applauded media landscapes in Africa; their press has been free since 1992, when a new democratic constitution was introduced, and the country scores high on [...]

Ghana Summer TV Station Rankings

GeoPoll measures TV ratings daily in several African countries, and using our Audience Measurement Service we were able to track TV ratings over the summer and see how stations fared each month. [...]

Ghana TV Ratings in April

We’ve been running daily mobile surveys in Ghana as part of our TV Measurement Service, and are excited to share some of our findings from the month of April. Ghana has a population of over [...]

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