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In this summary report, we look at GeoPoll Audience Measurement data on Kenya’s prime-time TV viewership trends and radio listenership in 2023. We examine prime time peaks, genre preferences, and audience demographics, taking the pulse of Kenya’s media landscape.

Please note that the data presented in this report looks at consolidated overall ratings throughout the year. Get in touch with us for granular data that can be used to make advertising or programming decisions. We update media measurement data daily.

Television: Prime Time Peaks and Genre Preferences

From GeoPoll’s latest Media Establishment Survey, television remains the most dominant medium in Kenya, with over 50% of Kenyan households owning a TV and 80% of those watching TV daily. For overall 2023 GAM data, TV viewership data reveals notable patterns across different days of the week. As expected, prime time enjoyed the highest viewership, peaking at 9:00 PM daily, with Saturday and Friday having the highest numbers. TV viewership at 6:00 PM is relatively lower than later time slots during prime time.

Kenya TV audience 2023

This could be attributed to the fact that many individuals are likely commuting from work or engaged in activities that hinder them from settling in to watch television during this early evening period. The gradual increase in viewership as the evening progresses, reaching its peak at 9:00 PM, aligns with the notion that viewers are more likely to tune in after completing their workday responsibilities and settling into their homes.

Local Drama-time – 7:30 pm

Most Kenyan channels dedicate the half hour after 7:30 pm for local shows. This timeslot consistently garners a substantial viewership across the week, suggesting strong preference for narratives that resonate with the local socio-cultural milieu.

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Out of the top 10 channels in this slot, Citizen had the highest share (19.6%), followed by NTV and Maisha Magic. All three air local drama shows during the 7:30-8:00 p.m. timeslot. Notably, even when the local shows give way to soap operas from 8:00 PM, Maisha Magic, which primarily features local content, gains more audience.


Top 10 Share

Citizen TV




Maisha Magic East


KTN News








iNooro TV




TV 47



Radio Listenership

Radio was the flipside of TV. The highest radio listenership was observed consistently between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM, with over 27 million listeners during those hours, indicating that many people tune in during their morning commutes or as they start their workday. Sundays and Saturdays tend to have higher overall listenership compared to weekdays, even during the morning hours.

Kenya media - National Radio Ratings 2023 geopoll

Weekdays from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM also show relatively high listenership, as people leave their workplaces, commute back home, and engage in their evening activities.

Radio listenership by age

Delving deeper into radio listenership by age group reveals an interesting trend. The eldest age group (35+) represents over half (50.1%) of radio audience. Conversely, the youngest group (15-24) accounts for a mere 20.4%. This indicates the generational divide in media consumption preferences, suggesting radio’s continued relevance and appeal among older audiences while indicating potential areas for innovation and engagement strategies targeting younger listeners to save the radio for the future.

Kenya media - Radio Listenership Kenya by age group
A screengrab of GeoPoll’s Audience Measurement dashboard by time of day and age group – Kenya, 2023 Totals

Breakfast Shows (6am – 10am)

During the competitive 6:00 am – 10:00 am breakfast timeslot, we witnessed a slinging batter between the top two – Citizen’s Jambo Kenya (13.2% share) and Classic 105’s Maina and Kingangi (12.8%). Overall, the top 10 was dominated by Swahili stations (5) and vernacular stations (3).

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Kenya media radio breakfast show ratings

Drive time Shows (4pm – 6pm)

Looking at Drive-time, Citizen Radio had the highest share, with a 14.89% share of radio audience. Radio Maisha (10.46% ) and Radio Jambo (9.22%) completed a 1-2-3 ranking of Swahili stations, broken by Classic 105 (8.2%) with another Swahili station, Milele FM, completing the top 5 Drive radio shows in Kenya.

Kenya media - radio drive show ratings

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Understanding audience behavior is crucial for maintaining relevance and competitiveness. The media must adapt by investing in quality content that speaks to the diverse tastes and preferences of Kenyan audiences. Additionally, leveraging data analytics advertising can further enhance engagement and impact for brands and advertisers.

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