GeoPoll is pleased to release select television and radio audience data from Kenya for the first quarter of 2022 (January through March). This report represents a small portion of the data collected daily by GeoPoll on trends in television and radio audiences.

Geopoll tv and radio audiences

TV Viewership in Kenya

Citizen TV continued to dominate the Kenyan airwaves, with an overall share of 24%. NTV (9.5%) had the second-largest share, followed by The Standard Group’s sister channels – KTN and KTN News – and K24. Inooro TV (4.8%) and Al Jazeera (3.84%) were the only vernacular and international channels, respectively, among the top ten channels by viewership.

Channel Share Citizen TV 24.03% NTV 9.46% KTN 8.78% KTN News 7.92% K24 7.01% Maisha Magic East 6.11% Inooro TV 4.82% KBC 4.26% Al jazeera 3.84% Kiss TV 3.39% Others 20.38%

Breaking the audience by gender, males were the bigger segment of viewers for all the Top TV channels in Kenya, apart from Inooro TV, where 56% of the viewers were female.

TV viewership by age

Among the younger TV viewers (15–24-year-olds), K24, NTV, and Kiss TV were the most-watched TV channels. Maisha Magic East, KTN News, and Al Jazeera were the most popular among the 25 to 34-year-olds, while InooroTV, Citizen TV, and KBC were the go-to TV channels for the older populations (35+).

Most watched 9:00 pm News Programs

The GeoPoll audience measurement platform collects and analyses media audiences across the day. For TV, data is available in 30mins segments across the day. For this report, we looked at data on the most-watched channels at 9 PM, when most mainstream TV channels air the primetime news.

Citizen TV’s 9 o’clock news programs were the most popular, with an average daily share of 30.5%, rising to the highest on Tuesday (33.2%). NTV had the second largest segment of viewers between 9:00 and 10:00 pm, followed by KTN and KTN News. TV 47 also broke into the Top 10, with 3% saying they watched the relatively new channel during that time block.

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Top Radio Stations in Kenya by Audience

Between January and March 2022, Radio Citizen was the most listened to radio station, with a 10.2% share of the radio audience in Kenya. Radio Africa Group’s sister stations – Radio Jambo and Classic 105, followed closely with 8.7% and 7.3% of the audience respectively. Radio Maisha (7.2%) and Kiss FM (6.9%) completed the top five.

Top Radio Stations in Kenya by Audience Share - Q1 2022 Station Share Radio Citizen 10.19% Jambo 8.69% Classic 105* 7.26% Radio Maisha 7.23% Kiss FM 6.86% Milele FM 6.43% NRG Radio 3.46% Inooro 2.89% Kameme 2.88% Hot 96 2.80% Others 41.31%

Broken down by age group, NRG Radio (42%), Kiss FM (39.9%), and Hot 96 (37.1%) were the most popular among the youngest age group (15-24). Radio listeners between 25 and 34 primarily tuned in to Radio Maisha (42.5%), Classic 105 (40%), and Radio Jambo (36.3%). For the older audiences (35+), vernacular stations Kameme and Inooro were the two most listened to radio stations, followed by Radio Citizen and Radio Jambo.

Top Breakfast and Drivetime Radio Shows

Looking at the two of the most prime slots on radio, Radio Citizen and Radio Jambo had a close battle for the morning shows (between 6 and 10 am), sharing Monday to Saturday. Milele FM was the most listened to on Sunday mornings.

In the evening (between 4 and 8 pm), Radio Citizen was again the most popular with 10.3% of the audience, followed by Radio Jambo (8.2%) and Classic 105 (7.4%).

About this GeoPoll Audience Measurement data

The data presented in this article is an aggregation of data drawn from GeoPoll’s daily audience measurement data collection for the first quarter of 2022. GeoPoll has consistently been supporting various stakeholders with media audience measurement data in Kenya (and other African countries) since 2015. Audience measurement data collected by GeoPoll is uploaded to an online dashboard each day and provides data at 30-minute time block increments for TV and 2-hour time blocks for Radio.

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Through a unique mobile-based methodology, GeoPoll can provide accurate, up-to-date audience measurement data for TV, radio, and print that enables media houses, brands, and agencies to more accurately target their audiences and measure the ROI of advertisements.