GeoPoll Audience Measurement

GeoPoll provides regular audience measurement data and conducts custom studies on TV, radio, and print consumption.

Audience measurement data in emerging markets

GeoPoll’s audience measurement service can collect regular audience measurement data from countries in Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. Through a unique mobile-based methodology, GeoPoll is able to provide accurate, up-to-date audience measurement data for TV, radio, and print that enables media houses, brands, and agencies to more accurately target their audiences and measure ROI of advertisements.

GeoPoll’s Audience Measurement Methodology

GeoPoll Audience Measurement collects TV and radio data daily using a unique methodology developed in conjunction with Kantar Media. GeoPoll can also conduct custom audience studies to gather information about station or program viewership, audience perceptions, and more.

phase 1

GeoPoll recruits nationally representative panelists to participate in regular audience surveys

phase 2

When panelists are added, GeoPoll collects in-depth data on demographics, habits, preferred brands, and more

phase 3

Audience measurement surveys are sent via several mobile modes once every 4 hours

phase 4

Ratings are available next-day in the GeoPoll dashboard. Data can be filtered by demographics, location, and more

Audience Measurement Tools

GeoPoll provides several tools that enable you to view TV and Radio ratings, calculate ROI of ad spend, and plan future campaigns. All tools are available through GeoPoll’s online dashboards. 

Online Ratings Data

GeoPoll's dashboard provides audience size, ratings, and channel share data with the ability to view data by key demographics and date range

Media Planning

Our media planning tool enables advertisers to plan future ad spend, find top-rated ad slots, and export data to Excel and other tools

Post-Campaign Evaluation

After your advertising campaigns have run, use GeoPoll's post campaign evaluation tool to evaluate prior ad spend and measure return on investment

Audience Measurement reports

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