Media Audience Analytics

Understand, Engage, Thrive - Elevate Your Media Strategy with Audience Analytics.

GeoPoll’s Media Audience Analytics is your gateway to unlocking the power of audience analytics. Our comprehensive suite of media and audience measurement services empowers you to navigate the dynamic landscape of media consumption, optimize your content strategies, and stay ahead of the competition.

Over the last decade, GeoPoll has built one of the most robust and reputable media measurement platforms for Africa, Asia, and Latin America. From the mobile-based research technology platform to widespread panels and tried and tested reliability, hundreds of brands, agencies and media houses trust GeoPoll with insights for their decisions.

Our solutions cover a spectrum of media audience analytics, from daily subscribed GeoPoll Audience Measurement for understanding viewership and audience profiles to GeoPoll Attention Landscape for evaluating the effectiveness of your content. We also conduct Media Establishment Surveys, providing you with comprehensive data on media consumption trends and we offer services, allowing you to commission us to conduct tailored research for your unique needs.

With continuous insights, we keep you adaptable and prepared to seize opportunities in this ever – evolving media landscape. GeoPoll Media Audience Insight is more than data; it’s your compass to navigate media analytics, refine your strategies, and thrive in a world driven by audience preferences.


  • Comprehensive insights: Our Media Audience Analytics platform provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your audience across all channels and devices.
  • Expert analysis: Our team of experienced analysts will help you to interpret your data and identify key trends and insights.
  • Real – time results: Our platform provides you with real – time results, so you can make informed decisions quickly a nd easily.
  • Flexible customization: We can customize our research solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • Data driven media decisions: Refine content strategies, gain a competitive edge, align media strategies with audience preferences, and optimize investments for maximum engagement and ROI.
  • Experience: Rest in the confidence that GeoPoll has provided reliable media and audience insights to hundreds of clients spanning a decade

Our Solutions

GeoPoll Audience Measurement

Gain a deep understanding of viewership, audience profile s, and media consumption habits.

GeoPoll Attention Landscape:

Evaluate the effectiveness of your content and optimize engagement.

Media Establishment Surveys

Access comprehensive data on media consumption trends for strategic planning.

Custom Media and Audience Measurement

Tailor research solutions to meet your specific media and audience analytics needs.

How it works

Define Your Objectives

Identify your specific goals and research objectives for media audience analytics.

Select Your Solution

Choose from GeoPoll Audience Measurement, GeoPoll Attention Landscape, Media Establishment Surveys, or Custom Media and Audience Measurement services.

Data Collection

We gather data from diverse media audiences using our proprietary mobile research platform or conduct establishment surveys tailored to your needs.

Data Analysis

Our experts analyze the data, leveraging advanced algorithms to provide comprehensive reports and actionable insights.


We collaborate with you to implement our recommendations and refine your media strategies based on audience analytics.

Why GeoPoll?

How GeoPoll’s mobile-based methodologies can help you gather vital data across the globe.

Tech-Driven Precision

We use advanced, proprietary technology across all research stages to guarantee data accuracy at scale.

Expertise and experience

We have expertise in [product name] and a proven track record of success.

Methodological rigor

We use rigorous and scientifically valid research methods enabled by the mobile phone.


We provide real-time visibility to our research process, survey performance and findings.

Data quality

Our platform is made to collect, analyse, and output high-quality data you can rely on

Actionable insights

Our reports include actionable insights you can apply to your brand directly.

Global reach

We cover Africa, Asia, and Latin America with localized precision.

Custom solutions

All our solutions and processes can be flexibly tailored to meet your specific needs.

Unlock Media Insights