GeoPoll leverages the power and reach of mobile devices around the globe to conduct research both remotely and in person. Our central technology platform, multiple research modes, and quality control processes deliver reliable, robust data and analysis to clients around the globe. In return, GeoPoll offers incentives to the respondents 

In a smartphone-dominated world, where our lives are closely linked to the digital landscape, it’s easy to overlook alternative income sources. While GeoPoll has become a reliable survey platform, not everyone can access a smartphone. This blog post will explore creative ways to leverage GeoPoll without relying on a smartphone. 

SMS-Based Surveys 

For those who do not own a smartphone, GeoPoll offers SMS-based surveys as an accessible alternative. By registering your phone number with GeoPoll, you can receive survey invitations via text messages. Responding to these surveys through SMS allows you to share your opinions and accumulate rewards without needing a smartphone or an internet connection. 

SMS surveys can be sent to any phone, with or without internet access, and will be received even if the phone does not have service or is turned off when the message is sent. GeoPoll’s direct integration with Mobile Network Operators ensures respondents have a seamless experience taking SMS surveys, which do not cost any money for a respondent to receive or respond to—GeoPoll deposits airtime credit incentives immediately upon survey completion. 

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Utilizing Feature Phones 

While smartphones are prevalent, feature phones still have a significant presence, especially in certain regions. GeoPoll recognizes this diversity and provides options for users with feature phones. If your device can receive text messages, you can still participate in surveys and contribute your insights to various market research studies. 

Desktop Accessibility 

If you find yourself without a smartphone but have access to a computer, you can still participate in surveys and earn rewards. Through mobile web surveys, you receive survey links in a couple of ways: SMS or Social Media. You then click on the link and get redirected to a web page where you complete the survey. After completing the survey, you will be instructed to input your phone number, which will be used to send you the incentive.  

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Face to Face  

Face-to-face methodologies are still used regularly in emerging regions such as Africa, Asia, and Latin America, where researchers looking to reach lower socioeconomic classes often turn to in-person interviewers 

Participating in the on-the-ground data collection conducted by GeoPoll representatives allows you to have your voice heard and influence both global and local decisions. 

In-Person Focus Groups 

GeoPoll has experience recruiting participants and implementing focus groups in hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the GeoPoll’s focus groups collect data on public perceptions, new products, brand health, and more. Participants in these focus group surveys receive incentives from GeoPoll as a token of appreciation.  

While smartphones have become the primary digital engagement conduit, GeoPoll understands the importance of inclusivity. By offering various means of participation, including desktop access, SMS surveys, and collaboration with feature phones, GeoPoll ensures that individuals without smartphones can still be part of the global conversation. 

So, if you don’t have a smartphone, don’t let that hinder your ability to contribute valuable insights and earn rewards with GeoPoll. Explore the alternative avenues available and unlock the potential for income generation beyond the confines of a smartphone. 

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