GeoPoll is pleased to release our latest insights report, delving into the heart of African football passion through our comprehensive survey on the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023. In this report, we explore how this celebrated tournament resonates with fans across Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania, offering a window into the cultural, social, and economic fabric of these nations.

afcon 2023

Summary of Key Findings

  1. Widespread Awareness and Interest: Our survey revealed an overwhelming awareness of AFCON 2023, with 93.8% of respondents across the surveyed countries aware of the upcoming tournament, showcasing the sport’s significance beyond mere entertainment.
  2. Viewership Intentions and Trends: A significant majority are not only aware of but eagerly anticipating the tournament, with 93% intending to watch. The data shows a high level of engagement, particularly in the 26-35 age group, and points to a gender gap in sports viewership.
  3. Media Consumption and Preferences: Traditional TV remains the dominant medium for watching the games, but a considerable shift towards mobile platforms further highlights the changing landscape of media consumption in Africa.
  4. Team Support: National teams enjoy strong support, reflecting the role of football in fostering national pride. Watching AFCON is a social affair, with many fans enjoying the games alongside friends and family, often over food and drinks.
  5. Merchandise and Betting Trends: The tournament drives significant economic activity, with nearly half of the respondents purchasing team merchandise and over 60% engaging in sports betting, underscoring the commercial potential tied to such events.
  6. Cultural and Social Impact: The survey captures the belief in AFCON’s substantial cultural and social impact, illustrating how football events are intertwined with the societal fabric of African nations.

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