2023 was a remarkable year for GeoPoll. We completed 3.1 million surveys in 99 countries worldwide, providing essential decision-making insights to leaders, further underlining our dedication to providing valuable insights in a rapidly changing world.

We also conducted research on several societal, technological, commercial, and development topics. Here is a quick recap of some of the reports we published in 2023.

The GeoPoll Socio-Political Barometer Survey – DRC

Socio-Political Barometer DRC - DEC 2023Throughout 2022 and 2023, GeoPoll conducted multiple rounds of the Socio-Political Barometer survey in the DRC in the lead-up to the 2023 elections. This series of surveys, employing a combination of modes and massive, representative samples from across the country, gathered rapid, accurate data on key social and political issues, reflecting public sentiment during a volatile election period.

Private Sector Investment in Climate Adaptation Innovations in East Africa

Priming private sector investment in climate adaptation innovations in East AfricaGeoPoll’s report, in collaboration with AVPA, the Lemelson Foundation, and Weber Shandwick, examined private sector investment in climate adaptation innovations in East Africa. It assessed the challenges and opportunities for investment in climate adaptation technologies, focusing on agriculture, health, and infrastructure. The comprehensive study, encompassing an extensive literature review, a representative survey, and expert interviews, provides a roadmap for impact investors and decision-makers to promote innovative climate adaptation technologies and financial models in East Africa.

South Africa Energy Crisis

Our April 2023 survey delved into South Africa’s well-publicized energy crisis, characterized by frequent power cuts, infamously known as load-shedding. The findings highlighted public dissatisfaction with energy provision, coping strategies, and the crisis’s impact on internet connectivity, food preservation, appliance damage, work, health, and safety. The report underlined the political implications of the crisis, with many respondents dissatisfied with the government’s response and its influence on upcoming elections.

Brand Africa 100: The Best Brands in Africa – 2023

brand africa 100 2023

GeoPoll’s collaboration with Brand Africa, Kantar, and Brand Leadership produced the 13th Brand Africa 100 report, showing the most popular brands in Africa across several themes. The survey spanned 32 African countries, emphasizing consumer preferences and trends. It introduced new categories highlighting brands excelling in societal and environmental contributions, offering a panoramic view of brand perception across the continent.

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Africa MSME Pulse Survey Report 2023

Africa MSME Report 2023In its second edition, in collaboration with Africa 118, the Africa MSME Pulse survey interviewed small businesses in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa to explore the current challenges, outlooks, and trends impacting small businesses in Africa. It covered aspects like employment, marketing channels, technology use, business finance, and information needs, providing a comprehensive understanding of small business dynamics in these countries.

Mental Health: GeoPoll Report and Findings

During Mental Health Awareness Month, we conducted a survey in Nigeria and Kenya, gathering insights into mental health triggers, relationships, workplace impacts, and service accessibility. The survey underscored the varied mental health ratings among respondents, highlighting positivity towards life despite challenges in work and relationships due to mental health issues, and pointed to the critical need for increased mental health awareness and better access to services.

Nigeria Elections 2023

Nigeria electionsIn the run-up to the Nigeria 2023 Election, GeoPoll conducted an opinion poll to assess public perceptions around the state of the country and voting plans. After the election, we ran another survey analyzed the Nigerian Presidential Election of 2023, revealing public perceptions of voter turnout, election experiences, safety at polling stations, and views on the electoral process. Key findings included widespread concerns about election fairness, integrity, and trust in the electoral commission, reflecting significant public dissatisfaction with democracy and electoral transparency in Nigeria.

Opposition Party Protests in Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa

On March 20th 2023, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa carried out unprecedented, simultaneous protests. In our unique capability of collecting data faster than anyone else even in the face of challenges on the ground, GeoPoll conducted surveys in the three countries on the Protests Day, analyzed the data and released the report, all in the same day! The surveys assessed public opinions on national direction, frustration, and fears, as well as people’s participation and thoughts on the effectiveness of the protests.

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Liberia 2023 Elections Survey

Liberia 2023 Elections SurveyLiberia is another African country to hold elections in 2023. Ahead of the elections, GeoPoll’s survey unveiled public distrust in the government, widespread perceptions of corruption, socio-economic challenges, and a strong desire for increased female leadership. The survey also indicated high voter engagement and diverse factors influencing voter choices, emphasizing leadership qualities and experience over tribe and party affiliation.

Social Media Usage Trends in Africa: GeoPoll Report

GeoPoll social media usageSocial media usage continues to grow exponentially in Africa. We conducted a survey across Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa to gather insights into social media’s evolving role. The report covered popular platforms, reasons for use, mobile dominance, e-commerce, advertising trends, and mental health implications of social media, providing a detailed view of its influence in communication and commerce.

Nigeria Traffic Report and Citizen Feedback on the New Rail Transit System

Lagos’ traffic jams are renowned world over. Part of the government’s plan to reduce the challenge was the introduction of the the Lagos Rail Mass Transit system in 2023. GeoPoll conducted a survey to delve into Nigeria’s traffic challenges and public perception of the new Transit system. It highlighted the daily struggles with traffic congestion and mixed expectations regarding the new metro system’s ability to alleviate these issues, reflecting on government efforts and public anticipation.

Online Influencers’ Influence in Kenya and Nigeria 2023

Influencer product purchasesThe position of the social influencer for brands is one that divides opinions. What, really, is the influence of influencers? GeoPoll’s study on the influencer landscape in Kenya and Nigeria explored social media platform usage, influencer types followed, trust in recommendations, their impact on purchasing decisions, and the top influencers based on public mentions, offered valuable, local insights into the digital influencer dynamics.We interviewed an influencer to hear her perspective from the other side, too.

Digital Dating in Africa – GeoPoll Report

Dating, as with most aspects of life, has gone digital in recent years. The 2023 GeoPoll report on digital dating in Africa, covering Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda, highlighted the significant use and impact of dating apps. It explored aspects such as app popularity, user demographics, motivations for app usage, popular platforms, app features, safety concerns, and the intersection of digital and traditional dating methods, to provide a comprehensive understanding of the digital dating landscape in these countries.

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Looking ahead

There are just a few reports that we published, from our extensive research worldwide. We produced hundreds of high impact reports for our clients in international and local development, commercial brands, media houses, and other research agencies. These reports not only shed light on key societal and economic dynamics but also reflect GeoPoll’s commitment to delivering insightful, data-driven analysis.

As we move into 2024, we remain dedicated to producing high-quality, relevant research that provides valuable insights and informs decision-making in various contexts. Stay tuned for more pioneering studies and comprehensive data analysis that will continue to shape understanding and strategy in our rapidly evolving world.

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