In the run-up to Liberia’s pivotal 2023 Elections, GeoPoll conducted an extensive opinion poll from September 20 to October 3, 2023, across all Liberian counties via online mobile web. This inclusive survey encompassed diverse age groups and genders, aiming to gauge the sentiments and preferences of the Liberian populace and provides crucial insights into the perspectives, concerns, and preferences of the Liberian electorate, offering valuable guidance for electoral authorities, political candidates, and civil society organizations as Liberia approaches its 2023 Elections.

The Liberia Elections 2023 hold immense significance for the nation’s democratic journey, and this poll seeks to provide valuable insights into the perspectives, concerns, and aspirations of the Liberian people, fostering transparency and accountability within the electoral process.Liberia 2023 Elections Survey

Key Findings: Liberia 2023 Elections Survey

State of the Nation:

  • The survey reflects a lack of confidence in the government’s capacity to address Liberia’s challenges, with 65.85% expressing low to very low trust levels.
  • A significant majority (78.3%) perceive corruption as prevalent within the government and public institutions.
  • The survey portrays a challenging socio-economic landscape, with 81% describing the current state of poverty as severe.
  • Employment challenges are prevalent, as nearly 92% find it challenging to secure stable work.

Women in Leadership:

  • 84.88% of respondents believe there is a need for more representation of women in political and leadership roles.

ECOWAS Awareness:

  • 63.9% are aware to some degree of the role and importance of ECOWAS in the region, highlighting the need for continued public awareness efforts.

2023 Elections:

  • 54.15% of respondents feel “very much informed” about the forthcoming elections.
  • Radio (72.93%) and social media (71.95%) are the primary sources of election-related information.
  • Confidence in the fairness and transparency of the election process is diverse, with 40.7% expressing low confidence levels.

Voter Registration and Turnout:

  • An overwhelming 98% of respondents are registered voters, with 99% planning to vote in the upcoming elections.
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Factors Influencing Voter Choices:

  • Leadership qualities (92%), experience (72%), and policies (66%) are pivotal factors in candidate selection, while tribe (14%) and party affiliation (11%) have lesser influence.

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Interactive Dashboard:

Dive deeper into the survey findings in the interactive dashboard below, which enables you to filter each question’s results by gender, age group and county.

Methodology and Assumptions

The 2023 Liberian Elections opinion poll was conducted from August 20 to October 3, 2023, encompassing all counties in Liberia through mobile web. GeoPoll Mobile web surveys are sent to respondents via an initial text message or other channel containing a link to a mobile web survey. Mobile web surveys are popular because they allow for more complex question types than SMS. While they require the respondent to have a data (internet) connection, they do not require a smartphone.

However, considering that this survey was conducted via mobile web links, please be aware that it may not be fully representative of the Liberian population. The sample predominantly comprises connected or online individuals, which may introduce bias towards more educated, urban demographics, potentially underrepresenting less affluent, illiterate, elderly, or populations without access to internet-enabled phones.

A stratified random sampling approach considered geographic (all counties), age (18-24: 13%, 25-35: 48% and 36+: 38%), and gender (68% Males and 32% Females) representation. The sample size was 410 respondents. Advanced statistical analysis was employed to aggregate and interpret the data.

For more information about this survey, our capabilities or to request for data files, please contact us.