Over 700 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa depend on solid biomass fuels to meet their cooking and heating energy needs, but to date, there has been scarce information on household fuel patterns across Africa and how they differ based on location, income, and other factors. While the urban poor in many parts of the world rely on purchased firewood and kerosene, those in rural areas and households with a higher income often rely on other fuel sources.

In addition, as more countries make a concerted effort to move towards fuel sources at the top of the energy ladder, which is cleaner and more efficient, it is important for governments and energy companies alike to understand the driving factors behind fuel purchase and consumption in Sub-Saharan Africa.

One of the most extensive studies conducted on household fuel and energy use in developing countries was conducted in May 2003 by the World Bank. 15 years later, GeoPoll has conducted a new study on this topic to examine current trends in fuel usage and observe the variations in fuel use between three countries in Africa: Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.

GeoPoll Report on Cooking Fuel Consumption in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda

Our findings show that there has been a significant uptake of modern fuels such as LPG, charcoal and paraffin in urban areas, whereas firewood remains the most commonly used fuel in rural areas. We also found significant variations in fuel usage by country, with each country having a different most commonly used fuel.

Download the full report for data on:

  • Most commonly used cooking fuels in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda
  • Which countries and areas have seen an uptake in usage of more modern fuels such as LPG
  • How urban and rural households differ in their fuel usage
  • Frequency of fuel purchase and how often households switch fuel type
  • Average fuel costs for each country and percentage of monthly income that is spent on fuel
  • Most preferred LPG brands in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda
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The data for this study was collected through GeoPoll’s mobile research and engagement platform, which facilitates data collection and communications with communities around the world. The survey was conducted via SMS to 1,302 members of GeoPoll’s panel in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda, and data collection was completed within three days in January 2018.

Download the full report on Household Fuel Consumption in Africa here, or to run your own survey using GeoPoll’s platform and panelists throughout emerging markets, please contact us today.