As a global leader in mobile-based survey research, GeoPoll uses multiple mobile modes to collect data directly from respondents. Each mode has its best use cases, and GeoPoll’s platform supports ten different research modes to fulfill specific project needs. Each of these modes can be used independently or in combination, and GeoPoll’s team can work with clients to design custom solutions for their projects.


In this article, we go through each GeoPoll mobile survey mode, in summary, highlighting their best use cases and benefits.

Short Message Service (SMS/ text message)

SMS surveys are self-administered surveys sent to respondents one question at a time (see an example here). SMS surveys do not require respondents to have internet connectivity or airtime credit, and the survey invitation is received even if the phone is turned off or out of service range when sent. Respondents can also answer the questions at their leisure, ensuring privacy when taking surveys with sensitive questions.

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Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI)

CATI surveys are administered through experienced call center interviewers based in the country they are calling. GeoPoll interviewers undergo rigorous training for each project they administer and are overseen by dedicated in-market call center supervisors and GeoPoll’s senior team. GeoPoll’s proprietary mobile application for CATI interviewers facilitates interviewer flow, data collection, and interviewer oversight and can be utilized on any smartphone or tablet. Features of our CATI Application include offline mode, call recording, multi-lingual support, and more.

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Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI)

Built on the same system as GeoPoll’s CATI application, GeoPoll’s CAPI application facilitates face-to-face data collection in the field, removing the need for paper questionnaires and manual data collation. The CAPI application does not require interviewers to have internet access when conducting surveys and provides interviewer metrics for overseeing projects.

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Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is a self-administered survey method in which pre-recorded voice surveys are initiated via phone call, and respondents key in answers on their dial-pad. IVR is useful for reaching illiterate populations through voice calls without training call center interviewers and can therefore send a mass amount of surveys at once through automated software.

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Mobile Web

Mobile Web surveys are self-administered surveys requiring respondents to have internet-capable phones with an active WiFi or data connection. Respondents are sent an initial SMS message with a link to a survey, which drives respondents to their web browser to complete the survey. Mobile web surveys support GPS location, video/picture questions, and matrix/ table/ grid format questions.

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Mobile Application

Mobile app surveys require a smartphone, although the mobile application does allow for offline use. Respondents who download the GeoPoll mobile application are sent notifications to participate in surveys through GeoPoll’s mobile app. The mobile app includes, with respondent consent, additional capabilities such as GPS location, picture taking, and passive data collection.

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Focus Groups

GeoPoll can implement focus group research through mobile chat groups overseen by an experienced moderator. Focus groups allow for sharing video and picture content, structured discussions, and other tasks and can be maintained over a more extended time than in-person groups.

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WhatsApp Mode

WhatsApp is GeoPoll’s latest survey mode and one of the most robust owing to WhatsApp’s reach, affordability, and ability to conduct rich media surveys within an environment most respondents are familiar with. Surveys on WhatsApp can be longer and more complex than SMS, and we can use audio and visual stimuli, meaning we can send picture or video content for respondents to answer questions about and even get photos and recordings back from respondents.

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Conduct mobile research in emerging markets

At GeoPoll, we have spent years studying how to best connect with survey respondents in emerging markets worldwide. Picking the correct mode for accomplishing your research goals is one of the most important decisions before data collection begins. Contact GeoPoll today to discuss what research mode is best for your project.