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Conduct Rich Surveys via WhatsApp in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

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Conduct Surveys faster and more affordably via WhatsApp

With over 2 billion users around the world, WhatsApp by Meta has become an integral part of day-to-day life for most people. Unlike SMS, users can access WhatsApp through wifi, send unlimited messages, share several forms of media and it’s free with any mobile connection – all over the world.

GeoPoll’s WhatsApp survey mode offers organizations an easy, faster, and affordable way to conduct surveys across the world, tapping the massive user base and reaching respondents in a platform they are used to. The surveys can be sent to our millions of users across the world, client contact lists, databases obtained through our partnerships with Mobile Network Operators and through our ongoing recruitment channels.

WhatsApp survey questions can be longer and more complex than SMS, and we can use audio and visual stimuli, meaning we can send picture or video content for respondents to answer questions about, and even get photos and recordings back from respondents.

GeoPoll’s Process: WhatsApp Surveys


Identify Audience

With WhatsApp, GeoPoll can survey respondents in almost any country in the world or administer surveys to WhatsApp users

Identify Audience

Design Survey

GeoPoll will assist you with your research design, including writing survey questions and advising on best practices for WhatsApp surveys

Design Survey

Script Survey

GeoPoll's team scripts your survey in our platform, including rich media such as images and videos and rigorously tests it with your team

Script Survey

Send Surveys

The WhatsApp surveys are sent in two ways, via SMS for first-time respondents to expressly opt in or directly to users who have previously taken GeoPoll WhatsApp surveys

Send Surveys

Analyze Data

GeoPoll provides data in your chosen format, which can include pivot tables, raw data, written reports, custom dashboard visualizations or infographics

Analyze Data

GeoPoll Advantages

How GeoPoll’s mobile-based methodologies can help you gather vital data across the globe.

Existing Database of Respondents

GeoPoll can target our respondents by demographics, use Random Digit Dialing, or client-provided sample.

Multi-Modal Data Collection

Seamlessly conduct research via CATI voice calls, 2-way SMS messages, web links, and other mobile-based modes.

Full Service Research Team

Our experienced team manages everything from questionnaire design to interviewer training and data analysis.

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