We all enjoy the excitement that comes with being a part of the GeoPoll community. What with the opportunity to influence important decisions by taking part in surveys, connecting with other users in community polls, or redeeming our cash or airtime from GeoPoll. The tasks and surveys are so easy, it feels like discovering money in your pockets!

Of course, we all want to get more tasks, to get more involved. So, we will share a few tips to ensure you are always at the forefront when we distribute new surveys and other tasks.

Download the GeoPoll App

In many countries, we send more than half of our surveys through the App, rather than SMS. In addition to the surveys, there are other tasks that can only be completed via the App, like Billboard Photography, Invite-a-Friend and Price Checker. So, what better way than to get the App and make yourself eligible for all these opportunities to maximize your experience?


Complete All Initial Surveys

When you first download the GeoPoll App and register your profile, you get a couple of surveys. Depending on the country, you may get many at the same time, or some later in your first few weeks. Some are paid, others are not, but they are all important – that’s how you get into our panel. Basically, we want to know more about you so we know the best types of tasks to send you. Once you complete all, you become eligible to be chosen to complete various, relevant tasks.

Answer Surveys as Soon as You Receive Them

Many surveys are either time-bound or have a quota (maximum number of respondents that can take them). You must have received a message informing you that a survey has expired, or quota-reached. Here is how it works: if we need 200 users to complete a survey, the system may automatically lock out the 201st respondent. So, the faster you complete the surveys the better. Don’t get locked out of opportunities to take part in the projects that touch on you!

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This brings us to another important point – complete all tasks you receive!

We prioritize active GeoPoll users when we send tasks. An active user is one who actively responds to all surveys we send their way! The more surveys you complete the higher your ranking in the task distribution and the more likely you will be to receive new tasks over those who complete less. To ensure you don’t miss out on new surveys, turn GeoPoll App notifications on.

Be Truthful

We have to hand it to our respondents – you guys provide relevant data all the time – and we guarantee our clients that GeoPoll data is as accurate as it can get. How do we know? We have algorithms that gauge responses and activity – and determine the truthful ones. The few ones that continually give incorrect information get automatically disqualified from receiving future surveys.

Better with Friends – Invite your friends to GeoPoll and earn!

As we have always said, the Invite A Friend feature is the most certain way to keep earning on GeoPoll, even when surveys are few. Also, the community will be more fun with all your friends. Simply tap Invite a Friend on your App. Copy your invite link or directly send a message to your contact list or social media!

There you have it! Be truly active on GeoPoll! Start here.