GeoPoll lets you earn airtime credit by completing fast, easy tasks on your mobile phone. Basically, you receive tasks, complete them and every task you complete adds to your GeoPoll credit. This credit can be redeemed at any time for airtime or mobile money.

Here are the most common ways to earn on GeoPoll. While not all of these tasks will be available to you at first, if you continue to take surveys and answer tasks quickly when they are sent to you, you increase the chances that you’ll be selected to take part in other tasks!

1. Surveys

This is one of the most known ways the GeoPoll community earns money owing to the fact that we run many survey research projects for our clients covering several topics and guess how we collect all that data? By our community members filling the surveys, of course! That’s you… and me.

Did you know that GeoPoll conducts over 10 million surveys every year through the mobile phone across the world?

That’s 10 million chances to earn money! You will not receive all of them, of course, because GeoPoll sends to random members satisfying some specific requirements for the survey at hand. So, you may get several surveys at once sometimes, and less at other times.

2. Photography

Our clients sometimes need pictures taken, of people and objects like billboards (so they know their billboards are actually visible, for example), supermarket shelves (so they know how products are arranged) and many more.

So, we engage you, our member, to take the pictures. You don’t need to be an expert or dedicated photographer. You use your phone… more like you take selfies. Only that this time, you actually get paid!

3. Price Checker Errands

We mentioned taking pictures in supermarkets. Another way to earn money on GeoPoll is being asked to visit your nearest supermarket, or corner shop/kiosk, and get the prices of commodities there. Something like, “could you visit a supermarket close to you and tell us how much 2kg sugar costs?”

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And you get GeoPoll credit for every price entry you make.

4. Test and Review Mobile Applications

The importance of mobile Apps is at an all-time high. Several organizations are developing Apps… and wisely decide to test the Apps in the real world. You know, so that they can tell what would-be users think about their Apps and if the Apps will be received in the market.

So, they turn to GeoPoll to help them with the task, and as always, we turn to you to test the Apps and give an honest opinion that the developers can use to improve their Apps.

And we pay you for that!

5. Invite a friend

We saved the best for last! This is the one way that is always available to GeoPoll users. You simply invite a friend to the community, and if they register and use your invite code, we send you GeoPoll credit.

What makes this perfect is that you do it at will. Imagine you posted your invite code on your Facebook wall and asked your friends to download the App and register with your invite code, and that went viral… Imagine how much you could make at one go?

It’s easy, try it now: In the GeoPoll App, navigate to Invite a Friend and either tap share or send via SMS to your contacts. Make sure they use your code… see the credit increase!

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See how simple it is to make money on your phone, wherever you are? Get the GeoPoll App and start earning today… and bring your friends along!