GeoPoll is excited to announce that after several months of collecting feedback from the GeoPoll Community and multiple GeoPoll teams working tirelessly together, we have now released a new GeoPoll Application! It is a completely new experience that we are confident you will enjoy – it is easy to use, packed with features you will love and has a new, exciting look.

The Transition to the New App

geopoll app

We released the outgoing app in 2016. Since then, millions of individual surveys and other tasks have been completed through it from all over the world. From reviews, we know you loved taking surveys for credit, and over time we worked to improve the app’s functionality. It had features that members used every day, and others that were used less often.

Even as we conduct other surveys, we occasionally ask the GeoPoll community members their opinions about our own products and tools, including the App. So, we continued logging in all the feedback that we received about the App over this time – and that’s how we came up with the new app, which has a fresher design and improved user experience:

It’s a completely new look, isn’t it?

Changes to the GeoPoll App:

  • A New Look – We’ve given the app a facelift with lighter and brighter colors. From the core of the App to how the surveys look, you will encounter a more fun look and feel.
  • Straight to the Point – While the old App had sections that you didn’t need every time, the new App allows you to easily view and access open tasks right on the homepage. It will be hard to miss new tasks and surveys sent to you.
  • Fast & Light – The new app loads faster, utilize less of your mobile data, and gives you a seamless task/survey experience. It’s touch and go!
  • Community-First – Create, respond to, and view results from community polls in an improved environment. Use community surveys to your benefit, to connect with other community members, learn and help out.
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Even more exciting news:

  • We are opening the App to more countries. If you had not been able to use the previous App or some of its features in your country, give the new App a try!
  • Invite a Friend (or many)! It is now easier to share your invite code via SMS or your other communication channels and earn credit for every friend who joins.
  • Get paid, even when you are ineligible for a survey. ‘We try to match you with surveys you’ll qualify for, but when that doesn’t happen and you are disqualified, we’ll send you a credit for your time. How cool is that?!

Go on, get your new App on Google Play Store now, and keep it in this blog for tips and ways to use the new App!