GeoPoll Media Attention Landscape

Bringing a new perspective to media insights, our Attention Landscape model maps out the touchpoints across both traditional and new media and goes beyond audience numbers to explore how and why they capture our attention.

Actionable audience insights for both traditional and new media

We don’t consume media anymore, we are immersed in it. Social media, streamed and shared videos and other digital channels are both challenging and becoming entangled with traditional TV, radio and print media. To chart this new landscape a new and different approach to media insights is needed.

GeoPoll’s Attention Landscape measures and analyses all media touchpoints in terms of their competition for our attention, just like brands compete for market share. So we can, for example, pit the top social media site, the top radio station, and the top TV channel against each other on the same playing field.

Staying focused, going deeper

We use a next-day recall approach that prioritizes attention over activity. Asking respondents about their media activity the previous day means that not all the media interactions taking place on a daily basis will be remembered, but we see this as how the real media landscape works – seeing is not the same as remembering, the audience is not the same as engagement. This focus enables us to delve into audience activity in more strategic detail. We use three perspectives:


Each media touchpoint’s audience and platform profile


Each audience interaction’s environment and distractions


What audiences are looking for in each media touchpoint

Consistency and flexibility

We have a core set of questions that covers all media touchpoints in terms of Channel, Context, and Content data and provides an internationally comparable consistent model. In addition, we craft bespoke drill-down questions for our clients, exploring specific aspects of the Attention Landscape such as SVOD subscription activity or sports betting.

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