GeoPoll Ukraine Crisis Data Tracker

To monitor the rapidly changing crisis, GeoPoll launched an ongoing survey in Ukraine starting in March 2022. You can track the updated data here.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows no signs of abating. As the military conflict persists, civilian casualties and suffering continue to mount. Millions of Ukrainians have already fled the country, while many that remain find themselves in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.   

To monitor the rapidly changing crisis, GeoPoll launched an ongoing survey in Ukraine in early March 2022. The survey is being conducted using GeoPoll’s mobile web platform and addresses a number of pressing topics, including: 

  • Personal safety and displacement 
  • Access to essential services (electricity, fuel, water) 
  • Communications outages 
  • Food security 
  • News platforms and Russian misinformation 
  • Humanitarian aid presence 

GeoPoll posted the preliminary findings from the first day of data collection here. Much has changed in the days and weeks since, however. To provide round-the-clock updates of the deteriorating situation, GeoPoll constructed the data dashboard tracker below.  

Interactive Data Dashboards 

GeoPoll’s interactive data dashboard displays the full results from the ongoing survey in Ukraine, including responses to each question filterable by region, age group, and gender, as well as trends over time.  

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Daily Trends

GeoPoll collects the on-the-ground data daily, and the dashboard below shows how the situation is changing from the day-to-day responses.

Click the “Next Page” arrow at the bottom of the dashboard to view each of the following data tabs: 

  • All Data: Charts responses to each question in the survey filterable by region, age group, and gender 
  • Daily Data: Tracks daily responses to select questions in the survey 
  • Trends (10 Day Avg): Displays trends in responses to select survey questions using rolling 10-day averages 

Get the Full Data

The data presented on this page is just a small part of the data we’re collecting in Ukraine every day. To get the full dataset or raw data for your own analysis, please complete the form below, and we will periodically share the data with you and your organization.

Conduct Research in Ukraine 

GeoPoll has extensive experience conducting research in vulnerable areas using our remote mobile-based systems and methodologies. In times when it is otherwise impossible to get information from people on the ground, remote data collection can play a pivotal role in capturing the sentiment and realities in hard-to-reach populations. 

To learn more about GeoPoll’s capabilities in Ukraine and around the world, please contact us.