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Community Blog & Stories | 1 min. read

REPORT: Betting in Africa

Betting, especially on mobile, is a widespread pastime (and sometimes a highly perceived income generator) among the youth in Africa. Over the […]

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GeoPoll Announcements | 3 min. read

GeoPoll’s 2021 Year in Review: Highlights

In 2021, GeoPoll continued to expand our work conducting mobile-based research around the globe. As the world devised ways to cope with […]

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Media Audience Measurement | 2 min. read

Report: Top TV and Radio Stations in Kenya in 2021

In this report, we present a summary portion of the data collected daily through GeoPoll Audience Measurement from January to November 2021 […]

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GeoPoll Survey Reports | 3 min. read

REPORT: Ethiopia Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis

Over the past year, the conflict in Ethiopia between the federal government and the leadership of the northern region of Tigray has […]

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GeoPoll Announcements | 2 min. read

GeoPoll Adds WhatsApp to Our Suite of Mobile Interviewing Platforms

At GeoPoll we are continuously developing our suite of flexible research solutions that enable us to interact with respondents on multiple channels, […]

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Coronavirus Research | 1 min. read

GeoPoll Report: Follow-up Pakistan Study on Afghanistan, Immigration, and COVID-19

Pakistan’s geopolitical importance cannot be overstated. Due to its population and location, the country plays a pivotal role in the stability of […]

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Tech & Innovation | 2 min. read

E-Commerce in South Africa: The Growth, and the Future

South Africa’s eCommerce sector is rapidly growing now more than it has ever before. In 2020, South Africa eCommerce grew by 66% […]

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International Development Research | 3 min. read

How Remote Surveys Enhance International Development & Aid

When it comes to international development, relief and governance, data plays an integral role in understanding needs and measuring interventions’ success. In […]

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