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Research 101 | 2 min. read

Why Brands need Customer Satisfaction Surveys to grow

Customer Satisfaction is no longer a buzzword. The modern customer is highly informed with a variety of options available, and customer experience […]

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Community Blog & Stories | 2 min. read

Media Preferences among the Youth in Africa and Asia

Media has evolved. A long time ago, messages were put across through word of mouth, smoke signals, horns, and other hyperlocal methods. […]

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Research 101 | 3 min. read

Agile Market Research Methodologies and Applications

The proliferation of digital technology has enabled corporations and market researchers to condense the traditional research lifecycle of planning, design, collection, analysis, […]

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Mobile Growth | 2 min. read

Mobile Penetration in Uganda

Celebrated as the “Pearl of Africa,” Uganda is known for its rolling rural landscapes, Lake Victoria, one of the last reserves of […]

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GeoPoll Survey Reports | 5 min. read

Consumer Brand Perceptions in South Africa Survey: GeoPoll Report Supplement

To understand how brands’ reactions to the world around them influence consumer behaviors and perceptions, GeoPoll conducted a study in July 2021 […]

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Coronavirus Research | 1 min. read

GeoPoll Report: The Ongoing Impacts of COVID-19 Across Africa, Latin America and Asia

COVID-19 continues to exert immense pressure on the world’s emerging markets, creating economic concerns that rival the health concerns. With a third […]

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Research 101 | 2 min. read

Net Promoter Score 101: Definition, Purpose and Calculation

What is the Net Promoter Score? Net promoter score (NPS) is a market research metric that takes the form of a single […]

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GeoPoll Survey Reports | 6 min. read

GeoPoll Report: Consumer Brand Perceptions in South Africa

The social and economic disruption of the past year has impacted how consumers across the globe interact with brands. In South Africa, […]

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