Wycliffe Litabalia on what it takes to run great research surveys

Wycliffe Litabalia is a Survey Operations Manager at GeoPoll. He leads our survey operations processes, from survey design to research data handover to the research team. Below is a conversation [...]

Benard Okasi on GeoPoll’s Research Processes

Benard Okasi is GeoPoll’s Director of Research, and oversees GeoPoll’s research team and data outputs. Below is an abbreviated version of a conversation he had with Roxana Elliott, VP Marketing, [...]

GeoPoll’s John Paul Murunga on the Evolution of the Market Research Industry

John Paul Murunga is GeoPoll’s Regional Director for East Africa, and oversees our business development efforts in East Africa. Below is an abbreviated version of a conversation he had with [...]

Nicolette Lok on the Future of Mobile in Emerging Markets

Nicolette Lok is GeoPoll’s Vice President of Operations, and oversees all of GeoPoll’s backend operations, including survey administration, building new technology tools, managing our [...]

mHealth Perspectives from an Expert: Amanda Berman Interview Highlights

Amanda Berman joined GeoPoll’s team in July of 2020 with a wealth of knowledge on mHealth, global health research, and program management. We decided to interview her about her experience in [...]

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