John Paul (JP) Murunga, GeoPoll’s Regional Director for Eastern Africa, is the new Marketing and Social Research Association (MSRA) Chairperson. In his new role, JP Murunga will lead the board comprising seasoned professionals with vast experience in the marketing and social research industry at the acclaimed association of researchers in Eastern Africa for the year 2023/24.

The Marketing and Social Research Association (MSRA) is a professional body established in Kenya to promote and advance the quality and standards of marketing and social research. The association seeks to create a culture of research excellence and ensure that the industry adheres to ethical and professional standards.

Speaking about his focus and that of the association, especially as the industry and the world emerge from a challenging and disruptive pandemic and post-pandemic period, JP Murunga says that the onus is on everyone to seize the opportunities presented by the new, ever-evolving, and fast-paced environment. “MSRA remains committed to promoting excellence in the research industry. The new MSRA board will work collaboratively with all industry stakeholders to drive growth and development in marketing and social research in the region. We have learned from the past and are excited to embrace the ‘new’ and build a stronger, more resilient industry for the future,” says John Murunga. 

John Paul Murunga is an experienced researcher with a career spanning fifteen years. He joined GeoPoll in May 2016 and currently heads business and client development in the Eastern Africa region.

GeoPoll congratulates John Paul Murunga on his appointment as the new MSRA Chairperson

As a corporate member of MSRA, we are confident that he will help drive the association, which he served as the Vice Chair prior to his election as the Chairperson, to even greater heights.

“I am excited to lead a team of seasoned professionals who are committed to promoting excellence in the marketing and social research industry. We look forward to working together to drive growth and development in this important sector.” – JP Murunga.

GeoPoll congratulates John Paul and the rest of the new board on their appointment.