What’s the role of data and information in today’s business world? 

The term big data has in recent times become a buzz word in describing large volumes of data. However, it’s not the amount of data that’s important, it’s how businesses are able to draw insights from it for the purpose of continuity and edge.
We’re in a digital age and data is being generated everywhere around us. Businesses, whether big or small, have to be specific about the insights drawn from their data basing  it on their field, what they need in order to have an edge over their competition, and how best to ensure continuity of their business. 

So at what point does business and research integrate?
How can small and medium size businesses gain insights about their customers, competition, changing trends and preferences? What effect will a rising youth population and an increase in mobile penetration in Africa have on your business now and in future? How do you then position yourself based on these trends as a business owner?

On Thursday 31st August, John Paul Murunga, Client Service Manager, On-Demand Research, GeoPoll will be speaking at the Nairobi Garage Westlands Branch on the role of research in business. John will take us through the marvels of marketing research and how data analytics can transform your business.

After Office Hours is a monthly event series run by Nairobi Garage which aims to bring together inspiring speakers and enthusiastic audiences to listen to engaging talks, network and build knowledge and experience.

Join us as we learn just how cool data and information is. Our team of researchers and analysts shall be available to take any questions you might have on our products or services. RSVP for this free event.

About John Paul Murunga
John Paul is currently lead at GeoPoll for On Demand research work in Africa where he is also busy managing client relationships and executes customer plans. His role also entails client facing training, support, and education as needed for on-demand studies and subscription products.

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An ambitious, inquisitive, self- driven expert in marketing research, John Paul has over six years of experience in design, planning, implementation, project management, analysis, and information dissemination.

He is well acquainted in quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and analysis of primary/ secondary data. Over the years, he has successfully conducted research assignments in a number of fields across Africa. With a background in statistics and marketing, his career has seen him work with leading research firms in the market such as Nielsen and Synovate (now Ipsos).


Download a copy of John Murunga’s presentation titled: The role of Market Research data information in Business