The battle between big data analytics and market research-based data

How long has it been since you last heard or read the words ‘big data’? Big data is the new buzzword. Interest in big data is transcending the tech world, where it was first coined, to become a [...]

We Celebrate Data & Research at Nairobi Garage’s After Office Hours

What’s the role of data and information in today’s business world?  The term big data has in recent times become a buzz word in describing large volumes of data. However, it’s not the [...]

GeoPoll at Santa Clara Strata Conference 2014 – Infrastructure, insights and impact

From February 11 to 13, GeoPoll chief Data Scientist Max Richman attended the 2014 O’Reilly Strata conference in Santa Clara, California.  On Wednesday, he gave his talk about lessons [...]

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